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[Fiction] Quanta- Different Recipes


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The recipe was childishly simple. She had followed it easily enough, but still the man who had requested the dish wasn't satisfied wtih the results.

"It's very good Miss Alameda, you used some very different ingredients that are interesting and unique. It has flavors I've never tasted in a gumbo before and is a marvel of culinary art. But that said there's someing lacking. I can't find the heart and soul of this gumbo."

"I saw the recipe and it seemed so bland so I replaced some of the more bland ingredients with those that have a richer more exciting taste. It is much more in tune with my clientelle."

"I see. Here, let me show you what the traditional gumbo tastes like then." The older man takes the lid from the second pot on the stove and takes a ladle and scoops up a bit of the gubo from the pot. he pours it over a second bowl of rice and hands it to Miss Alameda. "Try that please, tell me your own preceptions of it."

She does and as she eats it she notes that despite his use of the standard ingredients, the gumbo he made tantalizes her pallet rivaling her own. "It tastes rich, despite the ingredients; with each flavor brought out upon the pallet."

"Go on." The man smiles.

"The measurements are imprecise, but in the end it's quite pleasing how things turn out. It isn't hot enough to melt enamel, but it's by no means mild. The warm seems to flow from the stomach and suffuse the entire body."

"And that, ma'am, is why I brewed up a pot. Gumbo is a reknowned dish served in cold weather where I come from. It's also one of the simplest thing a Cajun or Creole chef can make. It's perfect for those days where you need something quickly and that's able to be so versatile."

He looks at her with soft grey eyes. "You are a fine chef with a truly great taste for inventiveness and a flair for delicious pastry. I admit you can cook me outa the kitchen on all those fancy foods, but I just wanted to see if you could still make a good simple dish like Gumbo. You just need to remember that just because it's simple and the ingredients aren't showstoppers doesn't mean the dish won't be. I can see now why Your restaraunt is fast becoming the eatery to beat. I wish you good luck in all you do."

With that the short Cajun man leaves Quanta alone with the two pots of gumbo.

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