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2006 Month Three


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Well, I tell ya, the whole February being shorter than normal months screws with you some time. Forgot I had to have a new entry up right after the 28th had come - I'd gotten used to the idea that a few days would pass between the end of one and the start of the next. So, to make up for it, This month will go from March 2-29th.

Now give it up, for Ms Double-A, the mistress of alliteration, the majestrix of articulation, Anna "Quanta" Alameda!

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For the curious:

Anna Alameda was born in Ibiza Town and spent most of her life there, inheriting a restaurant from her father that became popular with some novas (especially DeVries Elites) after N! Day.

She has Basque relatives, some of whom possibly have links to the Basque separatist movement ETA, and a cousin in Madrid who threw her out onto the streets after her eruption and during the backlash against novas for the mess in Ibiza.

She erupted during the Ibiza riots when her restaurant was destroyed during a three-way combat between Elites. Her ability to absorb and disrupt quantum energy manifested, but she was unable to prevent her left leg from being crushed by the collapsing roof of her restaurant.

She spent several months on the streets of Madrid, coming to the conclusion that she was no longer human and becoming extremely bitter.

She has lived for several months with Sean 'Chaos' McCline, opening a restaurant in Baltimore after settling down to teach his baseline ward Iharra English.

They have recently become estranged after Harvesters attacked the house and injured Iharra.

Anna was first known as Exile and later as Quanta.

Her quantum expression manifests in three major ways: the ability to alter her quantum signature to grant herself immunity to quantum-based attacks, the ability to absorb quantum energy from other novas, and the ability to disrupt quantum expressions in a small radius. Her secondary abilities include perception of quantum energies, enhanced senses of touch, taste and smell, enhanced artistic capabilities and a minor ability to alter people's emotions.

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FFS I didn't pay attention and missed the deadlline. This whole thing of not doing it by the month is really annoying to someone who isn't paying attention. I will still submit something for Quanta by tommorow but I realize and accept that it will be null for contest purposed. I apologize.

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Oooh, this is a hard one this month for me.

Timeslip: Great story! It's nice to see what a twist of fate can do.

Vixen: It's a nice story, but Quanta has Survivor as her Nature for a reason. She's not a bitch, but she's not a charitable person either. Sorry, not canon.

Carver: Canon, and thank you for writing a story I didn't have the guts to do myself.

Dorothy: Short and sweet. Consider it canon.

Cade: Ditto.

Wakinyan: You brightened my day with that fic. Consider it canon.

Singularity: Canon, and it's nice to see a subtle hint of a potential Archetype for Quanta.

Jager: Nice story about the quiet ones being the folks you have to watch and the possible consequences of Mal's hands-off attitude towards the Teragen.

And the winner is... a tie between Carver, Timeslip and Singularity. You guys nailed the character on the head, and I just couldn't pick.

Thanks for writing about Quanta!

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