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[Fiction] Carver - Memorial


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"If it isn't exactly what I requested I will know."

"Si' Ms. Carver we understand. It is exactly from where you asked. It is exactly what you asked for."

"If it get's here and isn't right I am not paying you for it."

"That is fine."

Carver hung up the phone with a pleased expression.

Three days later it arrived. Carver stepped to the ten foot tall broken and battered concrete slab as it was wheeled into her studio on the pallet and ran her hand over it. There was little doubt, the voices never lied. She was on the phone minutes later.

"You did your part. Tell them I will have it done and ready by May."

She did as she always did. She had lied to the Ibiza resurrection comity. She said it would be ready by May. It would be ready in days. She began by asking the obvious question.

"What is your name. Mine is Carver."


"That is a pretty name. Did you know Carl."

He was my brother. Was the meek response.

"Good. I knew it. It felt right."

She circled the artificial stone, coaxing it to give her ideas.


"What would you like to be?"

I want to be a support column in the parking garage again.

Jael's throat hurt as her heart broke for the concrete. "I am sorry, I can't do that Melanie but I can make you pretty. People want to put you in a park. Around people, in the sun. So no one ever forgets you, Carl or anyone else who died or was hurt by what happened."

I don't want to be anything else. The voice replied. I just want to be back in my garage before everything fell apart. Before I crushed your friend.

Carver trembled the memories where to fresh despite it feeling like it had happened almost a lifetime ago. After everything that happened in the past year she lost the time to mourn for her best friend. "Shelly." Carver slid to the floor back against the column tears falling from her face.

I didn't mean to hurt her. I couldn't stop myself. The concrete column began to cry almost as loudly as Carver herself.

It could have been hours but it didn't matter. Carver eventually wiped her nose on a sleeve before standing up.

"It's okay. Neither of us did anything wrong. We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

But I want to be back with the others. I miss them. I miss Carl.

"We cannot go back Melanie. We can only go forward. You can have a new life just like me. People will love you. Just like they do me."

Are you sure? The sniffling voice questioned with a touch of hope.

"Yes I am." Jael put her arms around as much of the Column as she could giving it a hug.

Harold peered at the scene with his classic bewildered eyes as he came in the door. He had seen her talking to objects all the time but never hugging one.

"I'll come back later if you like." He sheepishly said voice almost cracking.

"No!" Carver ran to him giving him a strong hug. Her cheeks still wet with tears. "Melanie this is Harold. Harold this is Melanie, She was with me during Ibiza."

Harold nodded not understanding totally but understanding enough to give her the support he was always willing and able to give her.

Carver smiled broadly and winked at Melanie. "We were just talking about her new life."

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