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[Fiction] Carver - Chosen of the Sun (Submitted for Canon Consideration)

Anna 'Quanta' Alameda

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"Harold, that is just really, really cheesy."

The shapeshifter blinked and crossed the upper pair of arms he now possessed, getting the laurel branch and the shield tangled with the spear and horn. "No it isn't," he sulked, his great and noble bronze-skinned face bearing a pouty expression most unsuited to the most powerful of the gods.

"Yes, it is." Carver sighed, scratching her nose. She had found this game in a secondhand bookshop and thought it would make a nice present for Harold. She didn't think that he'd take to the game's anime/mythological setting so enthusiastically...

"No, it isn't," Harold insisted stubbornly. "Now, do you want to be Exalted or not?"

"Fine, fine," Carver groaned, wondering what she had gotten herself into.

Harold tapped his lip with one of his twenty fingers. "Well, you've fought, but it's not that big a deal for you, so you're not a Dawn Caste. You make things, but you're not a scholar, so Twilight's out. You aren't sneaky or diplomatic, so there goes Night Caste and Eclipse."

Carver groaned. "Thanks for pointing out my faults."

"You're welcome." Harold assumed a serene expression. "However, you have endured much, and you are personally devoted to me, so you are a Zenith Caste."

"Zenith Caste?" Carver was a bit skeptical. "I'm a priest?!"

"Priestess of my great and glorious self, of course," Harold reminded her pompously. "I am the Unconquered Sun! Look upon me and my favourite priestess - "

"Favourite? I'd better be your only priestess."

" - and despair, oh all ye unrighteous," the shapeshifter finished without being deterred one bit by Carver's tone of voice.

The nova artist sighed again, with fondness and exasperation. This was going to be an interesting night of roleplaying.

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