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[Fiction] Carver- First Kiss


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"Lieutenant you better get here fast, I don't think we can hold them off any longer!" Mechwarrior Carver's voice was full of panic. Her Morpheus had taken severe damage and it was in the best shape of the three machines. The Capellan forces has stormed the area with such force and speed it was astounding. Before any of the cadets had been able even make it to the hangar they'd been mowed down. She'd been doing maintenance on her mech when the battle started. She was one of the first into the hell that was the combat zone. Her commander and the rest of the lance followed, her shortly. The bloody battle had worked into the city, and now a sizable portion was burning. Such was the way of things when mechs fought in a city. She pared a moment to look at her damage schematic. It wasn't promising. The claws that served as her mech's hands were there, though the myomer controlling them was stressed from all the heat the repeated firing of her battery of lasers had accrued. Anderson's Shadowhawk was running low on missiles and the left arm was completely gone. His mech moved up next to hers as he opened their private channel. "We've got to get them out of the city. While we place our shots, they fire randomly. Civilians are dying because we're fighting here. We've got to stop them."

"I know Harold, but we can't take them head on. With your ammo depleted and my heat curve in the red it's gonna be rough. Seargant McAllister's Thunderbolt is probably just as bad off."

Static crackles. "He tuned out Carver, The Lao Hu and the Marauder took him down. He managed to cripple the Marauder , but That white Lao Hu fired it's autocannon point-blank into his head..." Anderson trailed off, they both knew no one walked away from a 120 mm autocannon hit to the head.

"Lieutenant Carlson?"

"Haven't heard a peep from him. We have to assume he's gone too." The Blaring tone indicating missile lock sounded as The Shadowhawks anti-missile system came online. It swatted half the miissiles from the sky, and then began clicking. It had finally burned through it's supply of shells. Seven Long-range missiles impacted the Shadowhawk's left leg and left torso. Armor blew off and shattered under the explosions. Three missiles found their way into the 'hawk's left knee actuator, destroying it and sending the machine crashing to the ground.

"Harry!" Carver's Morpheus turned to see the Enemy Lao Hu stalking towards them. A badly mangled Ti'Tsang followed it, in addition to a equally mangled Marauder . Twin particle cannons reached out to scourge the armor from the Shadowhawk's right arm. The medium laser housed there disappeared in the hellish blue light. Carver reacted without thought. She moved in the bath of the advancing enemy force and hit the firing studs for all of her weapons. Emerald and ruby beams of coherent light lanced out to strike the Marauder . Two of the lasers played across the heavy mech's head. It fell like a marionette who's strings were cut. The Ti'Tsang surged forward, it's lasers flaying armor from the Morpheus's torso and right arm. Carver slapped down the shutdown override and fired all her weapons again. The T'Tsang's left arm fell to the street, but it was too little too late. The Massive axe in it's right hand sliced through the mech's left arm and into its torso. Alarms sounded as The engine shielding threatened to fail. Behind her the Shadowhawk tried to rise, only to have it's right leg shot off under the massive roar of the Lao Hu's autocannon.

"Harry you've got to get out I can't hold them much longer."

"I'm not leaving you Carver, we're gonna make it I believe in you!"

The Ti'Tsang wrenched its axe free and rared back for another swing. Carver could see the spider emblem painted on its chest, This mechwarrior carried her crest proudly letting all know who she was. "You're mine you little brat! Now just submit and Die!" The words shocked Carver into reflexive action, as the Axe swung around again The claw of her right arm swung directly into and through them mech's head. It fell to the side giving the Lao Hu a perfect shot. The thunderous roar of the mech's autocannon was deafening and the impact of the shells sent Carver's mech sprawling. The armor covering her torso was nonexistent. If she managed to stand she couldn't survive another such hit. over her external speakers she heard the sound of another round entering the massive gun and knew this was it. "Harry, I have to tell you, I love you." With that she lurched her Morpheus to it's feet. The Lao Hu turned form the Shadowhawk to the newly revived Morpheus . She looked out her viewport into the gaping maw of the Disentegrator class autocannon an grit her teeth. She had to make a grab for the cockpit otherwise he'd kill bother her and the man she loved. "Goodbye Mechwarrior, may you have a better turn in your next life." Carver braced for nothingness even as she brought the claw up into arc with the Lao Hu's head. There was a roar of autocannon fire and the Lao Hu's head was shredded by hot metal just nanoseconds before the claw impacted and ripped it free. The Shadowhawk's rotary autocannon fell silent after the short burst, it's ammo exhausted. The Lao Hu started to fall back, just as the massive autocannon fired. There was a roar and an explosion as the Morpheus's right arm fell to earth. The mech itself followed behind crashing onto it's back.

Mechwarrior Anderson quickly dismounted and made his way to his comrade's machine. The right shoulder was smoldering and the cockpit's armor was badly mangled. He managed to get the hatch open and stared down at the woman he cared for more than life itself. She wasn't breathing and several wounds oozed blood. He administered CPR and the emergency medical patches over what wounds he could. With a cough and a sputter she regained consciousness and looked up into his eyes and felt his lips on hers. He pulled away and smiled. She smiled back saying quietly "That was one hell of a first date, and a first kiss."

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