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[Fiction] Singularity- How Much, How Far? (AU)


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He had pursued his chosen path against all advice. He would become something other than what he erupted as. He was master of his own fate, His mind was the master of his body. It was a cruel twist of Fate that would reverse that idea.

When the call had gone out, he didn't answer. Violence was not his way anymore. The battle with Shen-Kahn had made him bring up the painful memories of his own past sins. He had made a vow to never again become that man. The brutal and cruel killer would be replaced by a man of thought and reason. If it's true I seek to avoid war, then why did I come?

That sentiment echoed in his brain even now, forty years later. He had stopped on a Hill in Kashmir. When he tried to move his muscles they had proved unresponsive. He had remained and watched all those years. He had come to help an injured friend, but in the end he had refused to fight, to defend himself. His friend had died in his hands and he had stood to leave, yet he couldn't. It was said guilt, shame, and his own powers had overcome him, transforming him into an immobile statue.

The next Forty years saw battle after countless battle. First Novas killed other novas as proxy for baselines. Gradually the baselines showed themselves more, and then one day The baseline forces of the vitorious side turned on the novas that had fought with them. He could still remember the shock on their faces as they died fighting the same troops they had just led into battle. He could hear their bitter cries of betrayal, then only silence. Thousands had died on the plains below him, a city had risen and been obliterated several times.

Now, a small group of novas battled bitterly against an army of infantry and armor. For every group of soldiers and tanks the novas slew, more appeared. One by one the novas fell, the high-tech weaponry had proven too much in the end. The sky darkened and a sphere of blue light exploded in the sky. Someone Singularity had once called friend had arrived, just as the last nova fell. The Snow-white Tiger roared, and the world went a tint of blue. When The Light stopped there was only blackened earth and ash remaining. A lone soldier crouched at his feet, huddled in fear at what had landed behind Singularity's inert form.

Singularity saw the massive arm snake out clutching its prey, then the soldier's body was shredded as five jet black talons shredded the man's midsection and cut him in half. Long walked into view. He licked the blood from his claws and looked straight into Singularity's cold steel eyes.

"Tell me old friend, is this worth it? I've seen friends and family die. Because you and Jager said to give them a chance I did! They took our peace offering and spit on it and threw it back in our face. And where were you? You pursued your path to enlightenment, and to hell your people. You've stood here for long enough, how much more blood do you need to see? How many more of us must die before you snap out of it?"

Long turns away in disgust, a nova he'd respected had become a prisoner to his beliefs. In the end it had cost him everything. As he began to move away he turned his head back to the still nova. "Has following your beliefs been worth the price you've paid? Has it been worth all you've seen?" With that Long ascended into the air and vanished from sight, leaving Singularity alone with the questions he'd been asked.

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