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[Fiction] Slattern - Tantra, Sutra, Shakti, Om


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Submitted for canon consideration

I am Slattern.

It is such a derogatory word to most women, combining the worst aspects of whore and servant, distilling them into a term of utter contempt. That is what they would have called me, if they had dared to. So I took it for my name to mock their silly narrow viewpoints.

I am neither whore nor servant unless you want me to be. I am mother, lover, sister, daughter, teacher, student, aunt, grandmother, rider, ridden, leader, follower, master and slave. I am all of these things and others that have not yet been defined by baseline nor nova.

I am Passion. I am Love. I am Desire. I am Sensuality. I am Hate. I am Self-Loathing. I am Perversion. I am Freedom. I am Domination. I am Submission. I am Sophistication. I am Primality. I am Finding. I am Losing. I am Everything.

I am Tantra, Sutra, Shakti and Om. I am of myself and outside myself, of you and outside you, at one with the hidden desires of the world.

That is why they call me Slattern. I am everything that they wish to be.

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