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[Fiction] Slattern - Control

David 'Dr. Troll' Smith

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(Submitted for canon considderation)

Slattern, again, arranged her “clothes” for its proper effect. They were perfect. They’d been perfect 10 minutes ago. Black spandex with silver chains wasn’t the easiest thing to wear, but on her it looked natural. From the unspoken response from her various servants she knew she’d succeeded. Then she, once again, tugged on the leash to make sure that it both glittered and the prongs on the inside caused enough pain. One of her gifts was to be what anyone desired. On many occasions she’d met someone’s eyes and dropped to her knees as a slave.

“um… mistress…“, came a voice a little painfully.

“I don’t want to hear you talk Worm”, Slattern rebuked off hand.

And then there was “Worm”, known outside of her presence as “Warp”. A powerful teleporting warper, he’d been cringing at her feet off and on for the last year and a half. If she were someone else, his utter failure to make any suggestive move towards her might have been frustrating, or at least surprising. But she was long past frustration with men. As long as Worm brought out the master in her, he would be her slave. At the moment he was, but only slightly, still protesting the outfit she’d chosen for him. His silver collar had “anti-tug” prongs on the inside designed to cause pain to a large dog. Other than that he was nude. Or maybe naked was the right word.

“The Master” was going to be at Narcosis’ party and she still owed him for stealing one of her boys. But while his leash would have a baseline on the end of it, hers would have a powerful nova. Speaking of which;

Slattern reached over and grabbed his chin and forced him to meet her eyes.

She commanded, “Worm. No talking. No fidgeting. And I want you to keep looking at my feet.”

“yes mistress.“.

“Good. Now open a warp to Narcosis’ place.”

“yes mistress.“.

The gate of black light opened and they stepped through, him just a step behind like she’d taught him. They should have stepped through into the party. But although the tastefully tasteless decor was correct, there were sheets over the furniture and no one was around.

It was clear whose fault this was. It was part of his job after all.

“WORM!!!”, Slattern stormed.

A truly panicked look came over his face and he stammered, “I, ah, I’ll take care of it Mistress!“

In a flash of darkness, he was gone.

“WORM!!!”, Slattern yelled in genuine fear at where he had been.

Now she was, for the first time in many years… alone.

No… that couldn’t be right. Slattern reached out with her empathic senses, stretching them to her limit, but she didn’t ‘feel’ anyone. Emptiness was all around her. Nothing around. No one.

No one to love her. No one to make love to her. No one to look perfect for. … No one to define her. That wasn’t true. She was a full person all by herself. She was in control. She wanted… she desired…

Slattern shook her head to ward off the nothing that was starting to press in around her. She reached way back, deep within herself. She, her, her name was, she wanted… she had wanted to become a… For a moment she looked down at her hand and wondered whose it was. She needed to get ready for tomorrow. School was…

In a flash of darkness Warp reappeared behind her.

He said, “Wrong house. It’s her beach place. I’m sorry mistress.“.

Slattern took a long, shuttering breath and paused for a moment. The lines of control once again established, Slattern stated,

“Take us there Worm.”

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