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[Fiction] Slattern - Unfinished Interview


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{For Canon Consideration}

(Excerpts from an unfinished interview between nova journalist, Sergai Jorge and Slattern, terat sexual animus)

(author's voice editted)

Were do I want to begin?

Love, Lust, Passion, Excitement …however you want to label it; it is the core of what is best in us and the meat of our existence if we make it so. It is not something that should be shared, though it is great to do so. It is not something diminished if we keep it to ourselves, but with sharing comes the change and growth of it into something more than it was when it was still something originating from just one person. In essence, it is the closest thing the others can feel to being a nova.

So what if they call me a Slut, a Slattern, a Whore? What does that mean to me if I give their opinions no weight? Come on now, it not a matter of words, but a matter of growing, in learning, experiencing and becoming better for that experience.

Do I Love, with a big ‘L’? Sure I do. I love every moment, be it painful, sweet, unexpected, or diabolically planned, because I am that creature of that moment. I can be all in that moment … yet so much more, too. I free myself; explore myself … even as I explore others. I understand that the only limitations are the limitations I place upon myself, and I remember the safety word. When I am ready to move on, I can, because I don’t delude myself with things having to be a certain way, any way, not acceptable to me. It is very much about me, after all.

Does that make me selfish? In as much as I am free, I am devoted to myself, thus selfish. In the same breath, I am also selfless, because I feel no need to hold anything back. I can give all, because I am all. See? Isn’t that easy?

But, back to the question …yes, I love. I don’t fall into love. That would imply that at any moment I’m not experiencing passion of some stripe or flavor, which isn’t so. I don’t love anyone exclusively. I don’t choose to. I choose to never stop loving anyone, or anything. Why let go of an experience, or a lover? Why weigh one moment to be greater, or more important than any other? I don’t find the need.

Of course, there are certain things that I’ve experienced and have little desire to experience again … unless presented in some new, attractive manner.

Loneliness, possessiveness … I belong to no one, hate amongst others. Why? What did you expect me to say?

It is the desire and passion that drives me. It is the spirit of the matter, not the flesh-dressing. A handsome face, pretty smile, or perfect etiquette doesn’t make the lover … my fellow explorer, or student, or momentary companion. It is desire; the willingness to let go of preconceived notions about … well, whatever they allow to constrain them and to go exploring their own frontiers that excites me. Speaking of which, what do you want to do … right now.

(this article was never completed. Shortly after this interview, Sergai quit submitting articles for EuroNprime and took off for parts unknown

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