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[Fiction] Slattern - Unwanted attention.


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She knew better than to be here. She had made this mistake in the past. But this time it was not a mistake. This time she had a purpose.

Marcus was in there. The client she had made a mistake with. The client who all but killed her in his 'passion'. Only murder and violence where the things he truly loved. She had been fooled the man was ice, courteous and gentle until she brought out his inner desire. She couldn't escape him he was to quick. She had felt pain before but the Elite had to much more than that. She touched the spot on her forehead where he had sunk the knife. Where had tried to dig her node out to feast upon it. She had barely escaped that night, only by luck had she at all. Tonight it was time to deal with his out of control passion.

She stood outside the opium den the Elites squad Marcus ran had taken over for the evening. She could feel them. He had surrounded himself with butchers. Murderers who feasted on the Nodes of those they killed. Cannibals of the one race, She didn't think she would ever feel the anger that now welled up within her. But she let it simmer this time it needed to be there. She focused it life a knife and when it was of the right temper she released it into the building.

"Do what you love to do." The glowing pink haze washed over the building and it only took a moment for all hell to break loose inside. Gunfire erupted and Quantum began flying. Slattern moved herself to a safer vantage and watched the carnage unfold. It was over in less than a minute she did not doubt Marcus was still alive but she knew some of his soldiers had fallen and where now being eaten by their brethren.

It was enough the house of cards had fallen in on him. How long would the man survive on his own now was measured in days at most. Slattern left the small asian city not happy with her work but satisfied that it had been done.

Such was the price of passion.

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