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[Fiction] Amped - Watched You Fall [Submitted for Canon Consideration - Future]


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December 6th, 2025

It's been a long time, baby, ain't it?

Eleven years since we met. We been apart from ages, since ya ... went on ya warpath with the Michaelites. 2018, I think it was. Things ain't been so clear since Ibiza happened an' the Project took a left straight ta the chin. Seven years. Musta looked at a cracked mirror or somethin', 'cause I ain't had nothin' but seven years of bad luck.

Taint get ta ya, baby? Or someone come along an' screw with ya mind till ya just cut loose on everyone? Mebbe it started the day ya went home. Baby, I know that fire was started via the electrical system, but I ain't said nothin', even when ya started poppin' electricity outta ya ass. What could I say?

We had some good times, ya know, like that movie in Sydney an' alla our races. But everythin' comes ta an end, baby, an' so did we. Part of it was Ibiza an' part of it was ya parents an' their buddies.

Baby, baby, why'd ya have ta go an' kill 'em? Ya could've talked ta me if ya needed ta.

Bein' a nova ain't sa great these days, baby, but ya too caught up in your killin' spree. T2M's pretty much goin' down the drain with the Project, an' I ain't made money in months, baby. Nobody wants ta know me anymore, not even my folks back in Redfern.

Mebbe I shoulda said somethin' when your parents' house got set on fire. Mebbe the Project coulda helped ya, extenuatin' circumstances an' alla that.

An' mebbe everythin' coulda just gone ta hell anyways, baby.

I dunno if ya'll ever get this message. My probability's tellin' me that baselines are goin' ta throw us all off 'cause of Mal an' his buddies. I ain't looked too clearly, 'cause I'm scared I'm goin' ta see you as one of them.

I ain't hangin' 'round, baby. I ain't got nothin' ta hold me on this mudball no more since ya went crazy an' the Project went ta hell. I'm goin' ta trip the light fantastic an' check out the universe. Mebbe I'll find meself a planet or somethin' ta settle down on.

I'm sorry, baby, I couldn't be there for ya. But ya went ya way an' I went mine.

I watched ya fall, baby, an' it was the hardest thing I ever did see.

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