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[Fiction] Ashnod - Fashion Crisis [NC]


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There's only so much that can go with glowing ruby red. The classic trinity of black, white and red works so well that it has become a cliche for me, but what if I'm in a bright and cheerful mood? Have you ever seen glowing ruby-red and green together? I look like a Christmas tree! Pink and purple clash so badly that I look like something from the Psychedelic Sixties and any of the warm or cool shades are out because the red just overpowers everything.

Black, white, red, black, white, red, black, white, red... I swear, I'm beginning to look like a newspaper. If I wear dangling earrings, I look like a set of traffic lights!

I can't even wear anything skimpy to show off my goddess-like physique - I'd be a walking advertisement for the red light district!

Since space, time, life and matter are effectively mine to sculpt with as I will, maybe I should spend the next Chrysalis working on developing a non-human fashion design sense and clothing those of my kind who have evolved beyond baseline fashions.

Or I could just go naked and save myself the trouble.

Evolution brings such difficult choices with it.

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