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[Fiction] Ashnod - Goodbye [NC]


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The crescent of the Earth hovered in space silently. The dark face was lit occasionally by the flash of the war that raged far below. It was not a good time to be any living creature everyone suffered. The war machines of Mankind thundered across the battlefields engaging the various Novas who stood their ground.

Ashnod appeared high above the conflict. Since the crash she had tried to stay away from direct open battles. Despite the cause or the rallying cries of others she insisted she was only going to assist but never fight directly in the war. She lost count of the wounds that she mended. How many bodies so shattered there was simply no way to help them. She had lost her daughter to the war and it hurt but she also knew her daughter and knew that she would not have wanted to die any other way.

All of the Novas body was gone now consumed within the crimson light that welled from within her. Her last Chrysalis had burned away what had remained of her human form. She was one of the few that still walked the lost path. So many had faltered and strayed since the glory days. The days that remained for her kind broke her heart. When the war began so many where all to happy to abandon the path, trading it for self-righteous fury. So the Taint grew and twisted within them the war seemed to fan the flames making it consume so many to madness, death or worse.

Then there where those who stayed among the humans. Helping them fight, resisting the very evolution that was given to them. They had built the VARGS, the orbital cannons, inhibitors and all the other machinations that leveled the playing field somewhat. All that managed to do was level everything around them.

The beautiful red light she had became hung like a newborn star in the night sky above the battlefields of Earth. The weapons would target her soon, she knew that but she still wanted to remain awhile longer.

She felt a twinge of sadness; it might have been nostalgia that was tugging at her to stay. This was her birthplace, her nest. Though she knew it was time she did not want to let go of it.

She felt the anger of the weapons focusing on her. She expanded her senses and let them drift over the continents and seas. She felt every rock, smelled every flower, tasted every drop of water telling every atom that made the world below goodbye. She truly would miss it, but it was time to go. With that last final ‘hug’ she began to look for the pathway, the strings of the cosmos began to vibrate around her.

Below all mankind would see was the plasma weapons striking the brilliant red star and flaring brilliantly, turning night into a red day before slowly returning the war torn world into darkness.

The weapons however had not found their mark all they had struck was the wake of Ashnod’s departure.

She moved through the layers of reality following the trail of quantum breadcrumbs that had been laid out for her by the other. The red energy traveled along the strings strumming them like a harp until the correct melodious tune was achieved.

This was her stop; she descended back into normal space arching across the sky of another earth, a primordial earth that had never seen the hand of Man or Nova. But that wasn’t entirely true, as she moved along white sandy beach she sensed the other that had came before her. She was sitting sunning happily, wiggling her toes in the sand while she waited.

Ashnod landed a short distance away and did something she had not done in over a decade she pulled all her power within herself and shut down. She did so because the other had done so, maybe it was because of nostalgia again. Still, it took more effort than she recalled but that only made sense, it had been a long time. Still she managed to become her older self, body and all. She smiled as she came up beside the red haired woman sunbathing on the desolate beach she looked up at her with a playfully disapproving look. “What took you so long?” Wizard asked to which the other woman responded.

“Just saying goodbye.”

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