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[Fiction] Samhra - Bird of Prey (non Canon)


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This is not submitted for canon, and takes place without Singularity in her life, but here it is.

She had just recently left the project, they didn't agree with all of her changes as well as she did. It wasn't just the wings that upset them, but the predatory instincts, and the reproductive instincts were nearly just as bad. Codex had become uncontrollable, and she couldn't even find her own identity, switching names every few months now.

She didn't mind, it was their loss, and it was now her chance to concentrate on other things. First and foremost was the feeling she got in her gut, she needed a mate, and when you're a nova, there is only one place to find one...Ibiza.


The wording on a sign somewhere in Ibiza began to twist around and contorted. An arm pushed through the sign grabbing the edge pulling the rest of her form out. Random onlookers just gave the occurrence a glance and went on their way; this was nothing out of the ordinary here.

Codex stood from the crouching position she landed in when she emerged from the sign. She was wearing the cliché little black dress. The material shimmered like silk, but was shear, and nothing was hidden. A gold chain was around her waist hanging down onto her left hip. Around her neck she wore a black choker. Her eyes narrowed into a slit as she focused on her goal, and approached the Amp Room.

Codex stood in the line; she could feel the eyes of both baselines and Novas upon her. This excited her, it’s why she was here, and she was here to attract a mate, whether it is male or female, she really didn’t give a damn, she just had to fill her needs, and she would just toss them out that night whenever she was done with them.

Codex finally made it to the front of the line, she was almost positive she caught Andy staring at her. This just increased the thrill she was experiencing for the moment. She walked into the Amp Room for the first time. The floor was covered in a thick foam, and only half of the patrons were clothed, and most of the ones that were, still had less on then she did. Deciding to go with the flow she reached down and tapped a control chip embedded in her eufiber clothing. One of the straps disappeared, as did the midsection. Her dress now only covered the left side of her chest, and her stomach was completely revealed. The gold chain that hung across her hips was now the top of her 6 inch long shear skirt. She could now be considered the type of sex image that would have gotten an X rating for a movie 70 years ago.

Across the room she spotted her first target. There was a large nova, he stood about 7 feet tall, and was extremely muscular. The best part about him was that he made of rock. “That has to have some benefits” she thought to herself as a grin came across her face. She spread her wings and their colors changed. She was approaching him with her wings displayed. She was putting on her own form of a mating ritual, almost like a peacock. She was showing off her “goods” in an attempt to attract a mate. It had worked though, and she had caught his eye. He made his way over to her. Codex didn’t even say a word but just grabbed the large Nova by his rocky hand and led him towards an area where the foam was deepest. She could have sworn she caught a glance and a smile from Slattern. Inside Codex’s head she could hear her instincts getting the better of her. She pushed the rocky fellow to the ground and pounced upon him, disappearing into the foam.


Codex awoke the next day under the sheets in a strange place. A satisfying grin crossed her faced. She rolled over to take one last look at her conquest being met instead by a female. This only made her grin all the more as she reached for the phonebook at her bedside and vanished into it. The only trace that was left behind were a few feathers on the bed.

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