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[Fiction] Samhra: Discovering the present through looking at the past.

David 'Dr. Troll' Smith

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Samhra reached over and picked up another book. Rapidly read/scanned it, put it back, and started over.

Normally she liked libraries, but this place was the exception. From the dust it was obvious that no one had used this section of the basement in years, probably many decades. It was cool down here, but not cool enough. It was dry down here, but not dry enough. This place didn’t just smell of age, but of forgotten neglect. Another 50 years like and all these records might rot into oblivion. It was beyond obscene.

Every now and then she liked to visit places like this and save forgotten knowledge. She never forgot. Although that was her curse (Warlady!) it could also be a blessing. Those who forgot the past were condemned. Like with these fish records. A few centuries ago the fish were plentiful enough to “ground” ships. THAT was what the ocean was supposed to be like, despite Utopia’s claims to have “cured” the ocean.

She made a mental note to bring this to the attention of a reporter she knew and turned the corner. She scanned the newspapers piled up on the shelves and reflected that the more things changed, the more they remained the same. Decades ago, men and women were obsessed with fashion, sports, and famous people. Two headed cows still got their pictures in the paper. And so did….


She mentally reviewed the article again and then slowly read it again in it’s entirety. A life in danger. An accident avoided through miraculous means. Super human even. It could be the lead in to a Team Tomorrow report. In the 1950’s. That was the only report, there was nothing before or after it.

Samhra thought deeply about this and then stepped between libraries. On some level, all libraries were the same, but even she had to admit some where better than others. The one she stepped into was one of the best. Through long familiarity she knew were to go, but the relevant newspaper was missing. It was missing in the next three libraries as well.

From deep in her mind, she reached out and searched, not just for a library, but for any large collection including the missing article. If the collection was big enough, maybe it would count. She shifted there…

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