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[Fiction] Samhra - Learn.


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She watched them mill about as she stood defiant behind the police line.


One of the church's more fanatical groups had gathered for a protest march. They screamed rehetoric and carried signs. 'God hates Aberrants' and so on it was the usual things.

She came because she had an idea. They where ignorant and she would correct that. Wasn't her power centered around knowledge anyway? This was her tool and no one needed it more than these people.

Whether they liked it or not.

They saw her behind the police line and shouted anything creative they could think of. She didn't react she simply closed her eyes. It would be easy to just go from mind to mind and rewrite what needed to be corrected but that wasn't her way. Knowledge needed to come as one could take it. Not to be altered entirely.

She pulled herself together and began. Every book she had ever read about hate, bigotry and intolerance. She distilled all the emotions of it and all the lessons it taught. She let it build within her until her eyes opened and etheral text spilled from them. Text from all the stories revolved around her until finally she was ready.

Her wings rose and the glowing text surrounded her form entirely then washed forward around the police into the heart of the protesters. Entering their minds like windows. Some screamed for god to save them. But why would he save them from enlightenment? The text flowed into their eyes and forced them to see the ugly hate within them.

Their chants stopped and all was silent. The police turned and looked at the Nova with questioning eyes and all the blond woman did was smile.

She began to fade as the text of knowledge swirled around her to carry her away. Before she disappered entirely she spoke one word that all heard in their minds.


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