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[Fiction] Samhra - The Full Parchment Nova

Sakurako Hino

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"Those that are loved by books... are those who truely love books..."

The time of day wasn't really important. Nothing truely is. Time is but a record on parchment, pressed between the covers that is the book of time. What has passed is only words upon those pages...

This is the world that Samhra lives in. A world of two seperate realities. One governed by the laws of physics, and the other, the world of the written word.

Samhra has always been a bookworm. Even more so after her eruption. To her, books are like life, books are like blood. The written word flows within her like the very air she breathed. It was an experience that can only be matched with the most wonderful of moments.

She lived through every word. Breathed through every word.

"Ms. McLachlan... Ms. McLachlan??"

Be damned if those words took her out of the reality she preferred. She snaps at the Librarian that bothered her.


"I... I found those books you requested. You can... pick them up by the desk."

If one thing didn't change her mind, it was new books. Old books that she loved were old friends. New books were whole new universes wating to be explored. She walks over to the desk. It's in a well lit lobby of the Minneapolis Central Library. An archetectural marvel in it's own right, at least for asthetics. She could think of no other way to house books. On a pedestal.

As she is about to reach for these new portals to new worlds, a shattering crash is heard from the top floor... followed by the report of automatic gunfire and shouting.

Samhra drops to the floor, her wings trying as best they can to get flat. The librarian that helped her was hysterical and in a panic. Samhra tries to console her psychically, but then two armed individuals rappel down from the floor the ruckus started from. They smash the window and walk in.

They're in classic black infiltration gear. Thieves? Terrorists perhaps? Samhra doesn't know, but she doesn't like them trashing her domain. She gets up, and really builds up her anger. She snarls in a low voice "What the bloody hell you crap for brains morons think you're doing?"

They don't say anything... with at least their mouths. They open fire, Samhra puts up her hands, closing her eyes, knowing those bullets are meant for her, but all she hears is thumping. Like Bullets being caught by some object...

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!" One of the criminals scream out, and Samhre opens her eyes...

"Paper? I stopped bullets with... Paper???"

Indeed, a wall of paper separated her from whatever fate awaited beyond the veil. But how... Even a moron would know you can't stop bullets with paper...

She turns around, and the Librarian is shocked. "SO... WHAT ARE YOU GAWKING AT ME FOR? GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!" Samhra screams. The Librarian nods, and runs off.

"Jake... get that atlas, I'll take care of the bird-woman..."

She sees the one called Jake come around the wall Samhre constructed, and lunges at him as he tries to grab an old 1700's atlas of the world from a display case.

"Oh no you don't!" She screams, but as she does, the paper from the wall shoots out at the thief, and within moments, does damage several swords could do. He falls down in pain, lacerations from seemingly mono-molecular edges are visible and bleeding profusely. The paper she used is imbedded in a wall as so much shurikens.

"Son of a... YOU MONSTER!" The second thief yells, and opens fire. Samhra, knowing something almost instinctual, raises her right arm in front of her, and blocks the bullets that threatened her with a new wall, then with a push of the hand, sends the paper she was using off forward of her, and shreds the guy.

He stumbles backwards, and falls down 4 stories, smashing into the marble flooring of the Library.

"Damn punks, why can't they get a normal library card like everyone else..."

She hears more shooting upstairs. Almost immediately, she grabs some index cards from the front desk of that wing and flies up. She reaches the floor in question, and discovers more thieves, they are trying to grab some scrolls from ancient China that were on display at that library on a world tour.

"Oh no you don't..."

She throws several cards at each of the thieves before flying into the meeting hall. The thieves were indeed hurt, but now they're also pissed. They engage her in hand to hand, but Samhre combines basic kicks and punches with a staff she constructed out of her remaining index cards.

Within mere moments, the Thieves are stopped. Just as the MPD arrives on the scene.

A half hour later, Samhre is outside the Library, everyone is being debriefed or telling the officers what they saw. But Samhra.... Her nose is in her books... She wouldn't have it any other way.

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