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[Fiction] Alchemist-What Could Have Been.


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Testing, testing. One, two, three.

Alright, so, what with forgetting so many things lately I thought I'd start keeping this audio log. Pretty neat eh? Hernando gave it to me, along with a new eufibre suit! Sweet, eh? Okay, so far today what...have...I...done?




Oh yeah!! Okay, yeah, this I have to remember. Finished tweaking the matrices on the purifier. Gotta remember, keep the blue level at .06 and no higher. Next time it might do more than fry a few henchies. Yeesh. But, it works now. Hernando is way happy. We can dupe my Super Coke and go into full freaking production. Okay. That's good.




Uhhhh. Oh fuck. Okay, gotta 'member this. Yeah, twist the third...oh fuck...this is sweeeeeeet. Oh, okay. Yeah...




Oh, okay. Damn, that was nice. What time is it?

Six? Oh shit. Okay, make this quick. Twist the third carbon chain clockwise four spots. Wicked high. I don't know how long I'd have been flying if it hadn't just turned back to sugar. Man, this molecular manipulation fucking rocks for drugs. Total high and then POOF! It's gone. No trace.

Heeehehehehe. Fucking Triton. No goddamn imagination.

Okay, gotta go. Meeting this 'lite at the Amp Room. He's supposed to be a total coke freak. Hernando wants me to intro him to SC Supreme.



Ahhhhh damn. My fucking nose! Not to self, big, black eyed biker types can be touchy about certain things. Apparently "Stone Cold" was not a cool biker flick.



Okay. Remember this. 965-02-01569-04.

Dammit being rich is cool.


You know, sometimes I wonder if this shit is actually affecting me.

Nah. Just got too much going on. Can't keep track of every little thing. Hernando has me jumping. It'll be all good when we move to the new factory in San Marquino.

Hence my little tapey thing here. Gotta keep on top of the game.

Damn. I need a hit.


Alright. Dammit.

Fucker shouldn'ta said those things.

Not when I'm flying.

Dammit. What a mess. Okay though, it worked. Nice to know I can defend myself even if all I can see are blue monkeys.

Don't forget that one. Cotton to sodium works nicely.


Fucking Utopia.

Okay, list.

Get money.

Forget Hernando ever took a breath.



Sorry. It's been awhile.

This sucks.

Can't get loaded because then that little mind witch will find me and I'll be spending the rest of my life in Levenworth or something. Shit.

Gotta get help. Frigging Directive. Little holier than thou for a bunch of fucking spies aren't they? Create a few pharmeceutical life aids and suddenly you're not worth talking to.



Okay, Devries is out too.


I thought they're lawyers could handle anything. Uptight bastards. Get a little buzzed during an interview and suddenly they don't think you're profesional enough.

Man, that's what being a nova is about! Doing what you want!

So? So I want to get a little cranked now and then. Is that such a bad thing? I'm not any pussy little baseline am I? It's not hurting me is it?





I need help. I can't keep away from those spandex wearing freaks for much longer. Goddamn boyscouts.

But! I think I got a chance.

Met this guy, Delormier, Frenchie I think. Pretty suave. He dug what I can do. I think he's a Terat, but right now I don't care.

Hopefully this will go well.

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