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[Fiction] Endeavor - Birds of a Feather


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OOC: Well, once again, my procrastination got to me, that and some IRL junk. I beg no forgiveness though, it's my own damn fault. This is not to be considered cannon in any means, as this involves another character as well.

Fiction Time -

It was an odd message she had received across her terminal. Her screen went black and yellow text flashed across it in binary code. She read the message as it scrolled across.

She got up from her chair, she knew what the message meant, and it did clear up a question she had about a certain package that was delivered to her current residence recently. She moved towards the large steel crate and put in the exact binary chain that was transmitted to her. She attempted crackign it earlier, but it was proving more difficult than she would have hoped, and she just didn't have the time at the moment. The case opened and inside there was an apparatus that looked similar to the VR gear that all that magazines in the early 90s predicted would be hitting the market places a few years after their publsih date. She donned the gear, now knowing it's full intent, and stepped into the center. A nice deep blue glow resonated from the equipment, she closed her eyes, only to reopen them somewhere else.

Beneath Endeavor, as far as she could see, was a large blue and black grid. There were no instances any surface irregularities anywhere. Her presence, her conciousness, they had both been shifted onto the OpNet. She could sense his presence there, she knew where she needed to travel, and as she thought it, items materialized around her. A vehicle very similar to the Beam Cycles of Tron raised itself from the grid in the floor, and was quickly skinned and textured to look like an actual piece of equipment.

In no time she had found him. Bandwidth laid on the ground, weak and injured.

"I knew if anybody were to find me it'd be you."

"Bandwidth, what exactly is this place and what happened to you?"

"This is the Opnet, this is how I always see it when I traverse it. Though this last time I tried to travel through it, I got stuck. Here knowledge is power, and somebody knew more than me, and they stranded me here. You look hard enough, and you can eventually see other terminals in here, or at least I can, the equipment you're using to show yourself here and allowing us to communicate might now allow you to see it the same I do, but that's what it is."

"Why am I here, and why was the message so urgent, can't you just bring yourself out of here like you usually do?"

"No, this time is different. I'm stuck here now, I can't release myself like I normally can. I need your help Endeavor. You're the only person that's strong enough in this...area that can pull me out of here, but I don't know how to do it."

Endeavors eyes opened back where she ad originally been. She pulled the archaic looking helmet from her head. Checking her system, the original passage of time was only seconds. Was it all real or was it some scam by one of her acquaintances that were not too fond of her? The question weighed heavy on her mind, but she sat back at her terminal, looking for answers, when another message flashed across her screen. This time it wasn't in binary but English, it read "thanks" and that was it.

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