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[Fiction] Endeavour: Rain On The Window [Submitted For Canon Consideration]


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Sakurako 'Endeavour' Hino lay within the embrace of her technological cocoon and stared outside at the rainstorm that had engulfed Tokyo for the past couple of days. The wild, gusty rain-laden winds matched her mood exactly, as if nature were mourning with her for the loss of her home and goods. It was something of a relief that she had no powers or machines to manipulate the weather, because the Japanese government probably would have tried to find a way to blame her for the flooded cellars and streets. They seemed to be blaming her for everything else.

Exile. Sakurako chewed on the word like a vegetable that she didn't enjoy but refused to swallow out of some masochistic urge. There was no denying that she had broken Project Utopia's Science and Technology regulations in a rather blatant and public way, but throwing exile on top of confiscating almost everything she owned was a bit excessive to her mind. It wasn't as if every other Japanese nova scientist (and a few gaijin who'd come here to take advantage of Saisho) hadn't flouted the rules at one stage or another in their careers. Perhaps it was because she was a living anime symbol to the impressionable youngsters of Japan and the government feared her influence over the next generation.

If only they knew that for all of her outward childishness and whimsy, Sakurako herself was more critical and aware of what her creations could do. Equipping the HKII with all the techno-goodies she had was a calculated decision based on her desire to explore the entire world, from stratosphere to the bottom of the sea. The thought of all that hard work in the hands of the government made her guts clench inside, but she had to admit that she had brought it upon herself for challenging DeathSquad.

Pride cometh with a node, she inwardly chuckled. If not for the timely intervention of her friends, she would be very dead by now, and that knowledge made her gut clench as much as her property being taken from her. Not that she didn't mind relying on friends, but that her hubris had brought them into danger as well. She was a nova, the next evolutionary step, a creature that could relate to humanity but wasn't actually of it. She had been proud in her power and her knowledge, and it had cost her dearly.

Knowledge is power, was her next thought. She had already arranged for a new home in the United States, though it broke her heart to leave behind her beloved homeland. She had the knowledge of experience to back up her powers - but would it prove enough to prevent her from making the same mistake in the future?

Hurting on the inside, hurting on the outside, Sakurako stared out at the rain on the window, her inner turmoil reflecting the weather that lashed Tokyo.

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