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Well it took some thought, the stories were so different from anything I expected. I have to say that the winner is Preston "Deadmen On My Doorstep".

Preston- You wrote a piece that captures Long, past and present exceptionally well. Introducing his past to His son and the way you showed the different view Hideki has of his Father, it's something I truly enjoyed reading. Consider it Cannon.

Saimhe- You took one of my favorite poems and applied it Long. Your Verse captures the very essence of how I try to play Long. Thank you for such a memorable piece.

Totem- I like it. Long's battle was quick an efficient, and I'd have made the same decisions you had him make. Consider it Cannon.

Alchemist- I see someone read my post about where I got the idea for Long... Your story genuinely made me laugh, thanks for a great one. Cannon.

Prodigy- Ya killed me. It happens. I enjoyed the different look Long's death. He has tried to forsake an entire part of himself, and he dies doing so, knowing that he has but to will it to live on. It plays on some of Long's hoplessness and depression about his wife, it also shows the measure of the man in accepting what comes his way and dying like a man.

Endeavor- This was a pretty good read. It offers an insight in some aspects of Long's life that I don't really touch on

Amped-Nice setup, but did Long really need a Tiger/Bat Cave? All in all I liked what you did, showing how the beast chained within finally shatters it's fetters holding it.

Ashnod- Interesting piece. While Long may have a good deal of catlike qualities, Long doesn't have them all. The Catnip while funnky just doesn't work with Long.

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