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[Fiction] Long - Cat in Mind and Body


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Monika: Welcome back. If you're just joining us, on today's show we're talking to the ordinary people who find it exciting to, well, have sex with a nova. Nova groupies, you might call them. Back in the heyday of rock n' roll, you had girls following rock bands across the world hoping for the special night, and now we have both men and women doing the same for the novas of the world. We just finished speaking with Josephine Springs, who said that she was deeply involved with one Andrew Parker, better known as Skew, and Jonathan Glass, who said he had a very passionate night with one Firefly of Team Tomorrow. Now, I'd like to welcome a very special guest who traveled across the ocean to be with us today, Nakamura Keiko, former lover of the mysterious tiger-like nova named Long.

Keiko: Thank you. I am pleased to be here today.

Monika: We're so happy you could make it! Now, tell us when you met Long?

Keiko: It was just after his "training period," in July of 2003. I was, I am ashamed to say, working as what I think you call an escort? An escort, yes, for one of the more expensive but reputable pleasure hotels in Tokyo. He had a very specific fantasy, and I was the girl selected to service him.

Monika: But you worked there to meet novas?

Keiko: Oh yes, oh yes. I have slept with many novas who came to my hotel. Some American novas, some Japanese novas. One from Morocco as well. It is not easy to be selected, you see. Many novas have exacting tastes and fantasies. It is, how should I say, difficult to fulfill them sometimes. I very much enjoyed trying to make those fantasies come true.

Monika: So you've had a whole variety of experiences?

Keiko: Oh yes! Yes, it is better with a nova.

Monika: So tell us about Long. Is Long a reference to his....?

Keiko: Hmm?

Monika: His...?

Keiko: OH! Oh, no, no no no. Long is Chinese name. He thought it made him sound more dangerous than plain Japanese name. He could not say it right when I knew him. Called himself Rong.

Monika: That's interesting. So, what did he want? What type of fantasy did he want?

Keiko: He wanted a Chinese fantasy. Out of a kung-fu movie, I think. Wanted a warrior girl. I have trained in martial arts since I was very young, so I selected.

Monika: So he wanted to, what, fight you?

Keiko: Only a little. Wanted me to be his prisoner. Conquered warrior turned pleasure slave. That kind of fantasy.

Monika: Wow. Sounds rather kinky.

Keiko: Yes. But it never happened. I could not go through with him.

Monika: Was he too rough? Did he hurt you?

Keiko: No, no but he could have. His...he...his...have hooks like a cat.

Monika: Hooks?

Keiko: What is the right word? Um...is it bards? Barbs! Barbs.

Monika: Oh my! His...manhood...had barbs?

Keiko: Yes. I would not let that touch me. Would hurt too much. Was touching him when he was relaxing. Felt them before he...was excited. I knew I could not let him use it.

Monika: What did you do?

Keiko: The other girls made me a bet before I met him. Wanted to see if catnip work on him. So I had some waiting in the room. Rubbed some on my hands when he wasn't looking, and they were right. He smelled it and forgot about sex.

Monika: Are you saying that catnip affected him, like it would a cat?

Keiko: Oh yes! He loved it! I left for the bathroom, and when I returned, he had found the bag of catnip. Spread the catnip all over the floor and was rolling in it. He had his head stuck in the bag.

Monika: That must have been a lot of catnip.

Keiko: Yes, very big bag.

Monika: So, he was rolling around in it?

Keiko: Yes. I called his name and he did not say anything. So I try pulling the bag off his head, and his hand clutch bag tightly. Would not let me remove it. Just kept rolling slowly in the catnip and purring loudly.

Monika: That's quite a story.

Keiko: Yes. I waited a few minutes then left the room. He there for many hours.

Monika: Yes, I see. I think all the legions of fans on the OpNet, the Furry community that absolutely obsesses about him, are in for a shock. I think some Furry might want to try him out. But not you, right Keiko?

Keiko: No, no barbs. No barbs. Understand why he need to pay a woman for pleasure. No one want to touch that, hurt too much. Probably why he trains so much. Hurt too much for him to use his own hand. All that energy have to go somewhere...

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