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[Fiction] Long - New Vengeance


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Long stalks up the temple stairs, looking arrogant and powerful in the moonlight. Above him, an ancient Japanese temple of stone is lit by lanterns. He pauses at the doorway of the temple to sniff the air, and you can see his breath puff out in the cold winter chill.

He steps inside the temple, assured that only his quarry waits within. Sitting in quiet meditation, lit from behind by flaming torches, is the one Long is seeking. As long enters, his eyes open and reveal themselves to be slitted like a serpent's. His hair is a flaming red, matching his silken chinese shirt.

"I have waited for this day too long, Ryoho. It is time we finished this." Long's human form stands in the door of the cold temple, heedless of the chill wind that blows his immaculate white gi.

Ryoho stands smoothly and replies, "Then finish it I shall."

With a mutual roar, they charge one another. Long leads with a series of fast punches and kicks, taking his opponent by surprise, but he quickly begins to block. Getting cocky, Long presses his advantage, attempting to grab onto his opponent for a throw. But Ryoho moves too quickly, countering his grab and adding a series of powerful kicks that force long back.

More warily this time, the opponents circle each other. Both seem to be waiting for the other to make a move. After an interminable few moments, Long breaks first, charging his adversary and jumping into the air for a powerful kick. Ryoho, expecting this tactic and ready for it, dodges underneath and sends Long flying towards one wall with an impressive spinning kick.

Even before Long reaches the stone wall of the temple, he realizes that he is in trouble. Behind him, Ryoho is charging quickly and by the way his form is warping, he is about to take off the kid gloves.

At blinding speed, Long hits the wall and rebounds, sending himself flying back towards Ryoho. Now, Long can see his nemesis morph into his full glory, still charging at him but now in the form of a small red dragon. Knowing that his only hope is to match the fury of this oncoming juggernaut, Long roars as he makes his own change, transmuting into a half tiger and striking his foe in the same movement.

The blow does not slow the oncoming beast, but neither is it blocked. The man dragon swipes at long with claws and tail and jaws. Long blocks and dodges for a moment, and sees his opportunity. As the dragon rears back to engulf the tiger in flames, the tiger moves in with a blindingly fast series of kicks and punches, tearing into the scaly hide of...

A nocking sound startles Long out of his battle trance, but he is quick to recover. In one motion, he turns off the game console and shifts into his tiger form. Opening the door, he sees Hideki. "Father, what were you doing in there?"

Long hesitates only for an instant before replying. "I was meditating. But now I think we should go for a walk."

They walk in silence towards the gardens of Long's estate. After several minutes, once Long has begun to think Hideki bought it, his son surprises him once again by asking, "So, did the Americans butcher the translation as badly as Bloody Roar: Vengeance 3?"

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