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[Fiction] Long - Order Reigns Chaos


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The phone rings and a furry hand slams down upon it smashing it. An orange figure covered in a golden sheet rolls over, complaining about the time.

“Damn, I pick one day to sleep, and this has to be the day people decide to bother me.”

The phone continues it’s ringing.

“What the…damn…damn, DAMN! Why does it have to be that phone?”

The orange figure sits up and stretches out his arms, claws extending from his fingertips. The light reflects off the back of his eyes in the darkness as he pushes his nightstand casually with an extended foot, reaching for a satellite phone hidden underneath it. He looks at the caller ID, not because he actually needs to, but just out of habit.

“What, I thought…I can’t get a moments rest out of these people.”

A clawed finger pushes the receive button and Long lifts the phone up to his ear.

“What do you want Zale, I told you I never wanted to hear from you again. I don’t care what it is, when I said never, I meant never.” Long’s voice quickly rose from a tone of annoyance to one of anger. “I didn’t throw away the damn phone because you would have mailed me another one, now what the hell is it?”

Long listens to the voice on the other end of the line, very annoyed with the speaker on the other end. His eyes changed to a shade of red and the phone went flying across the room, into the wall, and onto the floor in several pieces. Nothing was heard, but Long vanished in a flash of light and smoke.

A clawed hand was clasped around Director Zale’s neck and he now struggled to breath.

“What do you mean you went through with it, and what else do you mean that you let somebody take it? You base a weapon off of me, and then you can’t even contain it…Why the fuck did you think I left this organization anyway?”

Director Zale manages a few words between his choking and gasps for breath “Please Ryu, it wasn’t me…it was the stockholders, and my hands are tied now. I didn’t like the way we were headed anymore than you did, and you know that for a fact.”

Long’s eyes change back to their original blue shine and he lowers Zale down to the ground. Long slumps down to the ground.

“What does it do, and who took it?”

(To be continued)

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Zale explained the item as best he could and handed over all the technical documents to Long.

“Those will explain more than I can, and you can probably read those faster than you can listen to me anyway.”

Long grabbed the documents and turned around, heading for the large security door that was the exit to Zale’s office.

A lump formed in Zale’s throat… “I’m not done with you yet Ryu.”

Long paused as he made this exit, his eyes changed back to the fiery red they displayed when he was angered. “You are done with me, now and forever. Consider yourself lucky that I’m letting you live after you’ve put me through this much trouble.” Long started walking again, he reached the door that was still barred open. With little effort he kicked the door open, crumbling the frame around it. He took two steps through it and teleported out.

Zale sighed, then dug through his desk drawer pulling out a revolver. He sent the e-mail that he had been typing. “My death is the only redemption I have left.” When he finished speaking he pulled the trigger, ending his misguided and miserable life.

Long reappeared back at his Japanese home, documents in hand he was flipping through them farely quickly when he came across what he needed to know. He now understood why Zale was so nervous, why he was called, and why he picked up the hint of gunpowder coming from the Zale’s office. “That idiot.”

Dynatech labs had been working on something similar to Eclipsidol, used to remove a nova’s quantum reserves, but this substance worked differently, it was parasitic, it created an intense amount of quantum backlash within the nova, it basically used their own internal energy to tear them apart.

Long walked through his house and into the basement, he walked to the bottom of the stairs and feeled around for a mechanism, hearing it click he lifted the stairways up revealing another portion of his basement. One wall of the room was lined with computer systems, the other with automatic weaponry, armor systems, vehicles, false identities, and just about anything else needed for a covert operation. It had been a while since much of it had been used, but it was still all considered highly advanced, and very expensive.

Long grabbed what he needed, looked at a readout from his surveillance.

“57% accuracy on location is going to have to do this time.”

Long lowered his head and vanished in a flash of light once more.

(To be continued, again)

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It had only been a few minutes since Long reappeared in the rainforest, but the air was already being cut through with a constant hail of bullets. Most of them weren’t even in his direction, he was much better than that, the true test was if his juice would hold up, and he knew it. He was sticking with conventional weaponry for this very reason.

He had contemplated just wiping the place out from a safe distance, but after reading the project specifications he knew that would be a worse move. A sudden surge of quantum surrounding the Discord Mechanism would cause it to fold in on itself and release even a more destructive wave of energy. Vaporizing from 100ft was definitely out of the picture.

Wave after wave of under paid and under trained armed soldiers were coming after Long, so far he had managed to spare them all, but they were starting to get onto his last nerve and his shots begin changing from knees and elbows into stomach and chest shots. Ryu knew where this fight was going to take him, and he didn’t like it one bit. He could feel his humanity slip away from him, the more he had to kill these people that thought he was the bad guy, the innocents that were just trying to earn a living for their families. He was now leaving all these families to wither and die slowly from a lack of food, and the lack of a father.

His eyes turned red and his fur grew a bit more coarse as another shot soared from his barrel into the chest of another armed guard. He had managed to pull a shot off at Long, but all it did was impact, and possibly leave a bruise, nothing more of note.

Long turned to see another squadron, He threw the weapon down to the ground as a blast of quantum flew from his fingertips and exploded in front of the squad, killing all of them but one, the remainder yelling on the ground. Ryu’s legs grew a bit more retrograde, and his tail unfurled from his waste and began swinging back and forth slowly, like a Tiger stalking it’s prey.

The injured soldier just sat there and screamed in pain. Long approached him, unsheathing his claws and slashing the unnamed soldier across the chest. He was a sergeant, he had dedicated his life to this career, and Long just tore it all away from him.

Whatever bit of humanity was left in Long now had vanished. He was hunched over, his fur had grown more coarse, he was leaner than he was before, and his muscles were much more pronounced. He only had one thing left to do, before he knew he couldn’t hang on to his humanity any longer.

Long stormed into the compound, energy bursts were exploding all over the place until he came to the central room. He saw the Discord Mechanism, but it had been surrounded by young children. Ryu knew at one point in time that he would have saved them, but he was no longer human, no part of him was, he was all monster now. He punched through the casing of the mechanism tearing apart the innards of it, causing it to detonate at the same time. When the ashes and smoke cleared, all he could see was a massacre, what he swore never to do again. How he survived the the detonation, he didn’t know. The tiger stood sad, on all fours as it gazed across the jungle. It soon forgot what just happened, as it walked through the rainforest now searching for it’s live prey, never remembering that he was once human, fearing the humans just like every other wild animal.

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