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[Fiction] Neil Preston: Old man's tale


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(OOC: I want to apologize majorly for this. I am a massive procrastinator, and the fact my backup hard drive crashed right after I reformatted my system really didn’t help anything. So while I remember the outline of my story, I’m going to be lacking in the grammar department.)

“One person can only give so much in their lifetime. Once they’ve given it all they’ve got, they die, that’s the rules. I didn’t write them, but that’s how the universe works…unless you’re a Nova. You can’t necessarily break this rule, but you sure can bend it, and give more and more, more than any baseline could.”

“Now, out of everybody I’ve met in my lifetime, there has been one in particular that only gave, and never received anythin’ more than pain and torment back. Neil Preston, the wanderin’ healer is who I’m referrin’ to.”

“Neil enjoyed travelin’, now he had no great movement abilities of his own, other than his ability to resist blisters and pick up rides with others, from everythin’ I gathered this didn’t bother him any. He enjoyed what he did, no questions about it, the looks on his patients faces, always made him feel the pain he endured was worth it. On this occasion Neil was in Africa, there had been an outbreak of pneumonia in a village he had heard about, and this was somethin’ he could handle without the use of his powers, and his actual knowledge instead. From what I’ve been told he enjoyed flexin’ his brain as much as his node.”

“I was but a priest in this village, I really didn’t have anything more than basic first aid knowledge, and I was the one that sent the request out to Neil. I didn’t know how to locate him, but I knew some people that could…I’m segwayin’ now though and this isn’t the point. I’m here ta tell ya about how Neil kicked it, in the most honorable fashion out of anybody I know. Most of the cases Neil came across were no problem for him. Some antibiotics and some observation, and everytin’ was taken care of, but the was one little child that was having a complicated situation, it wasn’t even one of the natives, it was my son, Eliah. Eliah had always had problems with his health, but my job kept me from letting him stay put. He was five years at this point, and was suffering from some fluid in his lungs. The medicine wasn’t doin’ anything for him either. Neil laid his hands on my son and took his sickness into him, and it was quickly cleared up. Though he said he noticed something a bit odd, and we put him to bed for the night.”

“We had both settled for the night when I awoke in a startle. People say you can feel when something terrible has happened to a love one, and it is somethin’ I believe completely now. I awoke to see a dark figure standing above my son, his hands laid upon him, an eerie glow coming from the point of contact. I jumped up and ran towards the figure, but I was no match, I’m a mere baseline, I don’t have any special powers, all I can do is defend my son with my fists and my words, neither of them a true match. I was thrown to the ground, the figure was now gone, and my son was letting out the most gut wrenching yell capable from a boy of five. It broke my heart to hear it.”

“T’wasn’t all that was broken though, I later awoke to Neil laying his hands upon my son, and realized he had done the same to me. There was blood on my shirt, coming from my Sternum, and blood was on Neil’s shirt in the same way. Now he laid his hands upon my son, Eliah’s yelling was subsiding, but Neil was letting out the worst sound I could imagine coming from mortal vocal chords. I don’t know what that character did to my son, but Neil was fighting to keep him alive, and I wasn’t to sure he was winning. He had been pretty sapped from the days activities, and I could only pray that God would give him enough to save my son, but I didn’t pray enough. The sickness left my son’s body, and went into Neil’s. I observed Mr. Preston for many days, the same evil in his system, and the same sound coming from him. I didn’t know what was happening inside his body, but it was evil. I could tell he was growing weaker from fighting the sickness that had indirectly taken him. Days had passed before I heard anything else, other than the sound that haunts every moment of my life. Eventually the shadowed Nova came back, and watched the last moments of Neil’s life. I was pinned under his foot, struggling to no avail. It was then that every bit of my faith was reaffirmed. Satan himself was holding me back, while one of God’s last remaining angels dies in front of my eyes, from a sickness that he cured my son of. Neil gave his all saving my son, that he had nothing left to save himself with, and for that I am thankful, as is my son, who is now twenty, living a life fit to be Nova. When Neil took a part of my son, Neil gave him part of himself. That’s how he survived, and that’s how Neil died. My son is now carrying on in Neil’s tracks the best he could, but there shall never be a true healing angel again.”

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