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[Fiction] Neil Preston: The Nature of Scorpions


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Neil walked down the street quietly. The sky was overcast and the frigid north wind was cutting through his clothing. It was approaching zero degrees celsius and he was on his way home. His thoughts wandered back to his day, and how calm it had been. It seemed as though noone had really taken sick or been injured today. It had been a good day. He walked on smiling.

Neil's thoughts were interrupted by a muffled cry for help. The woman lay in the alley, her right arm and leg were bent at odd angles and her left hand was bent almost completely backwards. Her face was slick with blood and there was no purse to be found. Neil rushed to her side and prepared himself to take on the burden of her pain. "Hold on Ma'am, I'll fix you up as soon as I can." The woman tried to speak, but only a low gurgling sound came out.

He touched her bicep and just above her knee and felt the energy flow from himself to her. As her limbs came back into proper alignment Neil felt his own slipping out. Neil gritted his teeth at the crunch of bones, his bones. His left hand snapped back and sent a bolt of pain coursing through his body. Neil fell as his kneecap cracked and came loose and his arm went limp, yet he kept his right hand on her, intent on healing her remaining wounds. It felt as though a baseball bat pounded in his ribcage, and he could feel the pain as 3 of them cracked and and shattered. he felt the blood begin to flow over his eyes as cuts spread across his forhead and a pounding headache from what felt like a concussion.

Through the blood he saw her face, it was still straked with blood, but he could see her smile. He then felt as if a thousand razorblades sliced into his left torso. Incomprehension flooded his face. The lady began to speak. "There was once a scorpion and a dog. The scorpion asked the dog to take it across the river, for the current was fast and the scorpion couldn't do it on his own. The dog agreed on the provision that the scorpion promise not to sting him. The scorpion agreed and climbed up on its head. Halfway across the river the scorpion stung the dog. "Why did you sting me, now we'll both drown. the scorpion replied, "I am a scorpion, it is my nature." The lady pointed the gun at Neil's face and then Neil saw nothing, he only felt the scorpion's sting one final time.

The lady took out a cellphone from the same pocket and called the number she had been given. "It's done he's been disposed of." "Good I'm sending someone for you wait there." The call ended and about 20 minutes later a black van showed up. The lady walked towards it and too late realized the snub barrel of a needler was pointing at her from the opened door. "The scorpion drowned in the river too." 4 bursts of flechettes tore into her upperbody and face killing her silently. The door closed and the van sped away, leaving behind the man who had healed the key witness in the latest case against Dynatech Labs and the assassin paid to deal with him.

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