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Aberrant: Nova Reality - "Good Night, Ms. Vincenne."


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Date: 29 August 2016

To: All Knights, Board of Directors

From: Anne "Sandcaster" Vincenne

Re: Resignation

Colleagues and members of the Board,

I'll keep this short. Effective two weeks from today (12 September 2016), I am resigning from all positions in the Windy City Knights. I have been offered a position more in keeping with my abilities, and have accepted. Effective 13 September 2016, I will be the sanctioned municipal defender for the city of Boise, Idaho.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve with this team.


Anne Marie Vincenne

Team Leader, Windy City Knights

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Sean snapped off his console and put his face in his hands. Just when it had seemed like everything was coming together, this happened. Mixed emotions ran through the young man; with a snarl, he grabbed a towel and went to the best place to express himself: the gym.

He was still grimly measuring the force of his punches an hour later when he realized what he was really feeling: abandoned. Anne had brought him into the Knights, and she had been there for his shaky early days. She had borne his gripes and sometimes inappropriate humor with professional courtesy. She had stood up for him when the people of Chicago had questioned having a Terat defending him. She had given him somewhere safe for his daughter, something he could take pride in being a part of, and someone to look to for advice and counsel.

With a sigh, Sean dropped his arms. Wiping away the bit of sweat he'd accumulated, he walked quickly back to his room. Despite the agitated feelings in his heart, he sat down and sent a private message to her.


I'm glad you've found something better suited to you. I hope that you and Stormwarden have a smooth transition to "small town living." Don't be a stranger - I'll be happy to meet you anywhere for lunch or something.

Take care and be happy. You'll be missed.


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He knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to wipe Boise off the map before she could ever go there. For that matter, maybe he would try to pry Alchemist's head out of his refined ass long enough to consider just what the egghead was really doing ... again.

Jager had little doubt that Alchemist would tell himself ... and anyone who cared to listen, that he had it all factored in. Just like the whole White Rat fiasco was 'factored in'.

No, the Alchemist factored in for the Alchemist, not for the team. The team had taken the black eye for the White Rat's escape, and now the team was getting decapitated with two looming threats on the horizon.

A quick assest list left him with Sean the most up in the air. Vali and Clark had to be unsettled and at this late date ... and an equally unsettled Access was ... trouble coming quick as well.

Thankfully, Carver was gone form the scene for now. Harry could watch over her. Getting Reve to cloak Velvet away wouldn't be difficult. This was his stock and trade and V didn't want to be in name calling distance of the Knights if things went badly.

That left Dorothy, who was sadly left with her Dad as primary caregiver. He would have to concentrate on Vali, Clark, and Sean. Iharra would need a rabbit hole and some 'camp time'. The rest would have to fend for themselves, which wouldnt' be shabby, but was a pity none the less.

Jager re-read the memo the way another man would read an article about a friend being horribly disfigured. If the Knights weren't dead, they were crippled for the time being.


As much as I will miss your companionship, I will miss your guiding hand and critical judgement more, Sandcaster. In the end, we let you down and our greatest dissappointment must be with ourselves. In time, I hope the others will feel your loss as keenly as I do right now. I wish you success on your next patrol and happiness in your personal life. May you find a truer home than what you settled for here. You will be truly missed.


It had never been about strength, intellect, or brawn. All of these qualities had paled against Sandcaster's greatest asset ... Trust. Finding a way to function without it now would be the fate that awaited the Knights who remained and who still kept the original dream alive.

Hope, Trust, and Time to find them in themselves, if they could.

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