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Aberrant: Nova Reality - Appeasement and Promises


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Stormwarden stood outside the WCK building with reporters gathered around. Her face was surprisingly tight and her eyes were dark and overcast.

"Exuse me," she began clearing her throat," and thank you all for coming here. I have a few announcements for you today."

A few of the reporters smiled. It wasn't like the Stormwarden-Sandcaster relationship was a real secret anymore. A few of them wondered how much a waste of their time this would be ... besides looking at Stormwarden close up, that was.

"I love this city and the people in it. I truly do. I still want to help out as best I can, in any way I can, except," she choked back the words and the tears started falling. The reporters picked up on her distress immediately.

"Except I can no longer do this as a Windy City Knight," she finished at a near whisper.

There. I did it. Anne will be okay now and happy.

"I have offered my resignation and it has been accepted. I don't want anyone to think I am any less dedicated to your welfare, but current circumstances require me to look elsewhere for employment. I think this is what will be best for the city and for the Knights."

Tears were streaming now,

"I will be here if you need me, I promise."

As storm of "Rhayne, Kayla, Stormwarden" came up from the reporters, but Stormwarden held up her hand.

"I would also like to add that along with my lover and best friend Sandcaster, I am joining the QNA. People live in fear because of who they are and that is just wrong. It is past time those of us who can do something about it, do so. Even if that means speaking out and broadening awareness of the injustice of sexual identity inequality."

"I have personally lived with fear and that is not a good thing. I don't want others to have to live that way. I am glad to join with other novas equally dedicated to work of ending the fear and making it so that we are the last generation that lives with bigotry, ingnorance, and injustice."

She looked around at the reporters who were, for the moment, dumb-struck. They recovered quickly enough, but not before Stormwarden lept up into the skies and fled into the clouds, to finish her tears in private.

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