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Aberrant: Nova Reality - Press Release


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8:07 PM CST, 30 April 2016

Chicago, Illinois

After due consideration and after notification to the WCK Board of Directors, I have decided to declare both my support for and my membership in the Queer Nova Alliance.

I really don't have a great deal to say on this issue that my actions today do not state for me, other than that I hope to see the cause of LGBT rights continue to advance around the globe. In far too many places, people are openly and legally persecuted for their sexual orientation or gender identity; I sincerely hope that by continuing in my role as team leader of the Windy City Knights at the end of my current leave-of-absence, I can provide some small measure of hope for positive change.

Thank you for your time.

Anne Marie "Sandcaster" Vincenne

Team Leader, Windy City Knights

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