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Aberrant: Nova Reality - OOC: The Show Must Go On


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Not to be pushy, folks, but this particular show really must go on. Until The Show Must Go On is concluded, I'm keeping Sandcaster out of the picture in the various WCK-involved threads - and all the others, too, because without knowing what her role (if any) will be with the Knights, I don't know what to expect for her state of mind.

As for how the television show and leadership issue matters go, Sandcaster is hanging back; given that she's the one that blasted the show off the air and is the one in the field team leader position, she feels it to be unseemly to jump into the discussion, and that these are matters to be resolved by the other Knights.

My opinion? I'll go with what the rest decide on it...though if the show goes back to the original, fully-intrusive format, Sandcaster will politely turn in her resignation as a Knight (which is not necessarily a bad thing; it could very well be that team-based muni-defense work is not a good fit for the character, and leaving the Knights would remove some of the ethical concerns that continue even now to haunt her regarding her incipient relationship with Stormwarden).

So if possible, let's fast-track this thread for resolution...because there's a number of others that are sort of up in the air until it is done.

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I suggest that we hold our vote here, and gloss over it in the other thread once someone wins. It could take quite a while to do it in-character.

We'll do an instant run-off style, so that as soon as everyone has posted (or even almost-everyone), we'll have a winner.

Vote once for each CHARACTER you've got in the Knights (Clark and Samhra get full votes, Al will insist on it). Your characters will likely have different preferrences, but may not.

Vote for three people, ranked as you would choose them. If there's no majority on the first round, anyone who didn't get at least 2 votes is eliminated, and we re-count votes. After that, the person with the least number of votes is eliminated in each round until we've got a majority for one person, or close to it.

Six votes is a majority, or close enough to it to count.


1st: Samhra

2nd: Access

3rd: Sandcaster (With the requirement that she take a long vacation first).

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Jager's Votes:

The show only comes back if the format is changed. The original show format is too intrusive (voting with Sandcaster), but there are aspects of the show that are useful.

1st: Cade

2nd: Access

3rd: Sean

Vali's votes:

Can the show.

1st: Sandcaster

2nd: Access

3rd: Sean

Stormwarden's votes:

The show comes back, but with strong limits. The People like the show!

1st: Sandcaster (a vacation would be nice)

2nd : Alchemist

3rd: Cade

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Access' vote:

Access doesn't like the show, but can see it's usefulness. He would allow it back, but with strict guidelines governing it. Mainly, the team will control the show, the show will not control the team.

As far as leadership, Access doesn't like the current structure either, but if it comes down to voting for such a structure.

1st vote: Sandcaster (time-off included)

2nd vote: Alchemist

3rd vote: himself, but he'd much rather be a second in comand type.

Amped's votes

Doesn't give a damn abotu the show either way

1st vote: Alchemist

2nd vote: Sandcaster

3rd vote: Cade

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OK, so who are we missing for votes:

Jager (check)

Sandcaster (check)

Alchemist (check)

Black Star (check)

April Rice (missing)

Access (check)

Amped (check)

Vali (check)

Stormwarden (check)

The Crusader (check)

Cade (check)

Sean (check)

Clark (check)

Samhra (check)

DigiGeist (check)

Ally (missing)

Am I missing anyone? Dear gods, the WCK is a huge team.... [EDIT: Added DigiGeist at BlackStar's prompting...how the hell did I forget DigiGeist? And now added Ally.]

And because I forgot to mention opinions on the show in my votes:

Sandcaster - hates the show, thinks that it and reality television in general are the modern equivalent of the circuses portion of "bread and circuses"...but recognizes that she's not going to win killing it entirely, and will settle for some significant format and editing changes.

The Crusader - "There's a show? Hi, Mom!" Far too clueless to have anything close to a valid opinion.

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BlackStar doesn't like the show either, but could admit it's usefulness. But with limits.

As for the leadership votes, he doesn't really care all that much. His preferences could been:

1st Jager

2nd Alchemist

3rd Access

Excuse me for the delay. Oh, and I think that DigiGeist isn't in the list.

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For the show, as Didge explained in the fiction, it needs to have it's format changed to one where the WCK can control what gets out to the public.

As for the lead...

1st: Jager (As voiced in the fiction.)

2nd: Alchemist (As voiced in the fiction.)

3nd: DigiGeist (Votes for himself because that's his style)

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Ally will want the show back. The people of Chicago deserve to see what they are paying for. He will agree that they cameras do not need to be omnipresent however. Areas specific to on the job and cameras in the field.

Now for leadership.

1. Sandcaster

2. Access

3. Jager

To him, Sandcaster has done fine and there is no reason to rock the boat.

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Round 1:

Sandcaster - 7 votes

Jager - 3 votes

Cade - 2 vote

Samhra - 1 vote

Access - 1 vote

Alchemist - 1 vote

Despite what I said, there are a lot more than 12 knights apparrently (oops), so 6 is NOT a majority. Eliminations: Everyone but Cade, Sandcaster, & Jager.

Round 2:

Sandcaster - 10

Jager - 3

Cade - 2

And with that, we have our winner. Sandcaster, by a clear majority (Pretty much regardless of April's vote), with the caveat that she TAKE A VACATION!

Also, the majority appear to be in favor of the show, as long as we maintain strict control.

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