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Aberrant: Nova Reality - In From the Cold

Madison 'Vali' West

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Vali had circled the place several times, before settling in for his target arrive. She was late, but that wasn't too surprising concerning the constant series of crisises Chicago was facing. Still, her rattling death trap would have alerted the dead and the weary cast to her shoulders spoke of a woman taking too much work home with her. For an instant, he considered other options. Adding another round of troubles to her plate seemed ... so unfair. The problem was, Vali didn't really have other options, not with the resources The Prince was capable of bringing to bear. His family came first.

Vali stepped out of the shadows and crossed the street with deft precision. She was almost inside, groceries in hand, when he cleared his throat and alerted her to his presence coming up behind her. He could feel her tense, but there was an almost resigned acceptance to it. She didn't speak, but raised one eyebrow. Vali stepped into the light of the porch and her eyes widened slightly.

"Sandcaster, its Vali." He knew that he looke different, but not so much that she didn't recognize him.

"I'm ... we're back in town and I would like to rejoin the team ... and we need to talk. Our situation has changed."

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