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Aberrant: Nova Reality - St. Patrick's Day

Sakurako Hino

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((OOC Note, this is time sensitive. While it's being written now, the events take place on St. Patrick's Day, 2016. I will note when the other WCK members can jump in when needed.))

The weather didn't seem too bad for a parade, it was overcast with the occasional drizzle. Everyone else preparing for the parade were in high spirits. Sakurako though was the opposite. Ever since her recent changes started she didn't mind the cold, clammy climate of the region this time of year. Now on the other hand, the one some Japanese called now as "Fuusen-chan" felt the cold more than she would like.

Sakurako was wearing her version of the WCK uniform. A Specially modified pink and white version, with quite a well tailored approach. For a catsuit. It had some insulation to it, so Sakurako only felt cold through her head. She has on her little addition as well, a sailor collared wind-breaker looking Jacket, white with pink collar, with loads of pockets inside and out.

But for the occasion She decided to break tradition, and with a thought the pink parts turn Green, then che changes her Hair color and eye color to follow suit.

"Ah, Endeavor, I see you're getting into the spirit!" A man with a light Irish accent says.

"Yes, I... Thought I'd try to fit in better. I've been partial to Pink, but today, Everyone has a bit of Green, I suppose."

"Yes, that's true. You know the true purpose of Saint Patrick's Day, do you?"

Sakurako straightens out her Jacket after zipping it up.

"Yes, it is to celebrate the works of Saint Patrick. One of interest is the story of how he drove the Snakes from Ireland."

The man smiles. "That is a particular favorite, and I believe it was also the reason why the day was founded." He starts walking out, after turning to her and smiling. "You may be Japanese, but you do have the Eyes of an Irishwoman." He intoned with a Joking demeanor, but not to insult.

Sakurao stands there, blinking as he walks away.

"Miss Hino? We're getting lined up for the parade!"

"Oh... Coming!" Sakurako says, snapping back to reality. She's walking along in this parade. Marching with the local School Patrols for the city as a reward for their efforts. She lines up ahead of the children, with their raincoats and their bright-yellow sashes. Sakurako doesn't mind the detail for this. She's never seen this done before, since there aren't school patrols manned by student volunteers in Tokyo, so it is sort of novel. She hears the kids whisper behind her, sort of in awe but sort of dissapointed.

"Wow, that's the new girl!"

"Yeah, this must be her initiation. Musta got the short straw."

"Aww come on. She's one of those nerd novas, the exercise would do her good."

"Not that we'd notice. I hear she can blow up like a baloon too."

"I wish we coulda got DigiGeist."

"Forget that weirdo, Jager is the man!"

"Hey, don't want to get Inflato-girl angry!"

Some chuckling and giggling can be heard through their ranks.

"Alright, everyone!" Sakurako says, quite matter of fact. "Line up! Time to look good for the cameras! Flags up front!"

The kids blink for a moment. One of the larger, brutish boys walk up to her.

"Who made you drill sargeant?"

"I'm not, but this is being broadcast live over the OpNet. You do want to show that Chicago has the best around, right?"

The boy thinks, perhaps longer than one his age should if they had average intellect.

"Yeah... ALRIGHT YOU NEWBS! Line up for our new Knight!"

Sakurako smiles.

"Uhh, Miss Hino" A slight girl almost old enough for Junior High speaks up. "Do they have Knights in Japan?"

A couple of the older boys chuckle.

"No, they have Samurai. Uh, They... Teach world History at your grade level, do they?"

"Yes, but only current events and recent stuff. N-Day... all that."

Sakurako smiles.

"Then, my dear I think I better do some investing in some new history books for your school."

Sakurako walks a few steps in front of the forming lines, right in the middle like a commander.

"Alright, our place is coming up in the line. You remember your rehearsals?"

"Yes Ma'am!" everyone says.

Sakurako smiles. "Then, we're ready to go."

The front of the line puts up their flags, while the rest start organizing for going on the move. Then when their opening comes up, Sakurako leads her rag-tag crew into the overcast daylight.

((To be continued. My fingers are tired!))

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As the parade winds down, Sakurako reashes the end of the Parade route. While the kids she "escorted" hang around, Sakurako decides it to be best to head back to headquarters. After all, she needs to talk to folk there. That, and she has a press conference first to go to. She can't hide in her chicago workshop for long without someone wanting to say Hi.

The typical press conference this won't be. She's decided to hold it indoors in one of the open press rooms, similar to what you see the press corp in D.C. use for their press conferences.

It is clear it's set up to look official, with th Chicag city seal and the WCK logo side by side, with the Chicago and US flags flanking on either side. A podium sits at the head of the room with the WCK logo on it. The reporters have been already sitting there when Sakurako transmits into the room.

At first they're shocked at her sudden, unannounced entry, but it is soon calmed when Sakurako speaks.

"Hello everyone, I hope the weather was not too bad getting here."

The reporters laugh, loosening up as Sakurako breaks the ice.

"As everyone is now painfully aware, I am now a member of the Windy City Knights... It's odd since I am the only "on contract" member hired out by my own corporation. So, you can understand why my efforts will be double than the average member.

My remarks when I had first announced my membership were... exuberant to the nth degree. I cannot retract them for they're on every site that would be interested, but I do apologise for them. To say the least I embarassed myself, and it should be made clear I'm sure as heck not going to do some sort of hostile takeover.

As for my duties here, it is clear that while a colleague is on his sabbatical, I have to fill his shoes. But since I have been signed on not as a substute, but as a new member, I have my own duties."

A reporter rases her hand, to get her attention.

"And what, Endeavor are those other duties?"

"I am part mechanic, part field asset, and support. As well as one of the information specialists in the team. Since DigiGeist is more of a field-intel person, and I'm more of an on-demand digital intel collector. I've also been given the fun task, in rotation, of handling public appearances. As you all know a bit ago I participated in the parade today, and I will be putting efforts in to take my resources and invest in this city. Namely by donating to the schools in the area that need the proper resources to teach their children."

She straightens out her windbreaker.

"I am quite sure my efforts will fit in with the WCK's goals of assisting the people of Chicago in times of crisis, and in times of calm. That's our purpose, and I plan of exemplifying that purpose."

Another reporter speaks up, his voice seems to command attention.

"Miss Hino, there are rumors flying around as to wht you are going to announce in Las Vegas at the little party you're going to be at. Care to enlighten us as to what it is?"

"I'm sorry, but I cannot. There is a risk it could ruin the mood at the party if I call it out early. It's purpose is to be revealed at the party."

"Then I hope you don't mind if I ask why you have been recently seen with Wakinyan, a Nova that has caused trouble from time to time for our city?"

"Sir, Wakinyan has been not of the right mind. He was being manipulated by an outside influence that has recently come to light and has been, and is, being dealt with. He is a deeply spiritual, kind, considerate Nova, with a sense of humor I might add."

She smiles, reassuringly to the reporters, almost to emphasize she is alright by him.

"There is nothing to worry about."

Another reporter pipes in,

"Sakurako, what has the Government of Japan said regarding this side job of yours?"

"Nothing, really. This is part of my duties of my corporation, and my contract. I am still able to fulfill my obligations in Japan, and I still claim Tokyo as my residence. My dime here in chicago is like the time you reporters spend at the desk at your news offices. This is a Job for me. One I intend to do well. Like my other jobs."

One last reporter speaks up, frmo a Nova fan magazine.

"Endeavor, there is talk on the street that you have a new power, is that the case?"

Sakurako blushes.

"Yeah. To be quite honest it was a suprise untill I learned how to control it. I've had to reconsider what I use for fabrics and materials for clothing after that though."

"Then Endeavor, we'd like to know... How big can you get?"

"Sorry, I... Don't rick injury just to see how far I can go with a power."

The reporters share a laugh. As Sakurako lets her rarely seen retractible tail out, and takes a drink of water using it's prehensile nature.

"Besides, I'm novel enough as is. I'd like to chat more, ladies and gentlemen, but I have to go, I have an important metting to attend before I start setting up for Vegas. Thank you."

Sakurako walks out, as the reporters try to get some last question in she finds no interest in.

A few moments later, she's in the main board room of WCK headquarters.

"Guys, if you're available, time for a little get-together." She chirps over the comlinks.

((To be contnued, and yes, now the rest of the WCK can jump in.))
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Sean has been directing traffic... fucking traffic! He swallows his pride, even manages a friendly wave to the two pre-teen boys who stare up at his flying form. He's not sure if it's the Knights' uniform - which he takes great pains to always wear in public when on duty - or his reputation.

Singularity would say that this is a chance to learn humility, Sean reminds himself, forcing his body to relax. This is part of the deal, especially until you earn their trust. Which will be the twelveth of never.

Still, he was going to try. So he was patient through all of the mundane bullshit, and he was careful to keep his calm, easy facade up. Finally, his duty was done, and he was able to head back to headquarters.

On the way back, his OpNet device chirps. Sean checks it and sees a news alert - he has several set up, tagged with certain keywords. He silently watches the breaking news, then tucks it away, his face settling into grim lines.

Just as his feet touch down on the steps of the HQ, he gets the comm from Endeavor. With a nod, he alters his path and heads for the main board room, only getting lost once.

Sean moves gracefully into the room, his body betraying his perfect balance in every movement. "Endeavor," he says as nods a greeting, a pleasant smile on his face.

Accepting her own greeting, he drops into a chair, hoping it's not someone's regular seat. "I saw your press conference," he says casually as his creepy green and black eyes meet hers. "Very nice. By the way, you said that Wakinyan had been controlled by outside sources. Mind letting me know? You see, up to this point, I thought he was a tainted psycho, and if I'm wrong, I owe him an apology."

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Cade makes his way through the building after recieving the alert. He walks into the room and frowns as he hears Sean's comments. He lays a hand on Sean's shoulder and takes a seat next to him.

"You don't owe him an apology. I saw first hand what he did to the city. I spent alot of time with the victims of that event. He's lucky he got off so lightly."

He turns to Endeavor. "I take it we will wait for the others before we begin."

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"Then again Cade, if someone ripped your balls off, would you be in the right and logical frame of mind?"

Sakurako smirks, with her fingers steepled.

"Events in his life have been mnipulated from an outside agenda. I can't say who, because it may have to do with so many interwoven things that it's sheer existance is in question. I'm sorry, but it is something I've agreed to help Waki out with to fix... personally. I will say no more on the matter."

Her facial expression becomes more serious, letting the light reflect off of her computer glasses.

"Besides, when everyone shows up, I do have a bit of a... shocker. I thought I'd tell everyone here first, before my obligations in Vegas tomorrow."

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"Bravo, E ..." Jager says dryly. "Waki's a good boy because you say so to the whole world and you turn around and give no proof and no information. That's pretty clever and pretty wrong too. If you are going to make statements as a Knight that the rest of us are going to be stuck with, why don't you try asking us our opinions first."

Jager shakes his head.

"Wakinyan is a creature of lusts and desires with piss-poor impulse control. I've learned that from experience, E, but you don't see me balling that out to the world do you?"

"Next time, please try to consider you are part of a family here, and we all get stuck with our bad choices, as well as our good ones."

Jager give E a discerning look then adds,

"He chose to come to Chicago that day. He chose to track down Carver and wisk her to a position she couldn't get away from with a two-ton griffon on top of her. That's the reality, myths and innuendo's of outside influences aside. He did it because he wanted to fuck her. Through the blood, I smelled the lust on him then ... when I took Carver's broken body inside. Yes, he brought her to us, but then he also was the one who broke down a woman trying to defend herself ... fat lot of good that it did her. At that moment, I told him to get out of town. No attacks ... no recriminations ... we should be as free as possible to be who we are."

"He chose to attack the police that presented themselves and rain glass down on crowded city streets. That was no outside influence either. That's him being him ... and there comes a point were tolerance ends and we have to look out for our own heartfelt interests ... like defending the people of this city, because its what all of us have volunteered to do. Don't white-wash it."

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I'm inclined to cite Jager's account of things on this matter. I helped found the Foundation to deal with the fallout from his stupidity. We only just now saw a lessening of issues regarding it. You telling everyone that he's ok, and that he's better and taken care of, that's a slap in the face for most of the Chicago citizenry. A nova who supposedly is their defender defends someone who brought pain, suffering, and Death to the city. The reason's he did it don't matter. He made a choice to do what he did and it can't be undone. How do you think that reflects on the Knights?"

Cade keeps his voice civil, but this is obviously a topic he knows alot about, and one that brings up a certain bitterness with him.

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Sean gives Cade a nod and a surprised look at the gesture of unity. Jager also gets a smile and a nod as he enters the room and speaks his mind. The relaxed smile remains, and his voice becomes more confident as he says, "Look, I'm not looking to cause shit. Wakinyan made it pretty clear to me that he knows he was an idiot for what happened in Chicago."

Sean sighs as he continues, "What worries me, Endeavor, is that now the press is going to be nosing around for this 'outside influence.' If there really is something, we should know it. Believe me, if it's sensitive, I'm not going to be blabbing about it.

"If you're protecting a friend, that's understandable, but has no place in the press conferences. You're a fucking Knight now, and what comes out of your mouth comes out of all of our mouths. So when you tell the press that Wakinyin is a nice guy, you're making your personal opinion into a fact that the Knights have to live with," Sean says, his tone touched only by a bit of heat. He suddenly smirks and laughs, adding, "Why do you think I'm keeping my fucking trap shut?"

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"Would someone like to tell me what is going on here?" Heads and eyes turned to the door as Sandcaster came in. "I got a message from Endeavor saying she needed me here, and now Sean is saying something about keeping his mouth shut; these two things, unlike chocolate and peanut butter, don't strike me as being great together."

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Amped walks into the room while everybody is discussing Wakinyan and he stops at the doorway and he is about to turn around and leave, when he decides to actually continue walking in. "I want to hear nothing of him, he nearly killed my sister, and he was found innocent, that's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. I saw what he did to her. I would like for us to talk about something else please, and if this meeting has something to do with him, let me know so I don't have to be here." Vocally, Wakinyan was the last thing he wanted to hear about and he tried to put a good face on about the subject, but lately, there's just been too much about him.

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"Sorry, boss," Sean says softly to Sandcaster, looking awkward. "I was asking Endeavor about something she said in her press conference, and I wasn't happy with the answer I'd gotten yet. I was pointing out that I have a tendency to run off at the mouth, and that I'd made a concerted effort to keep quiet because of that."

At Amped's words, he grows thoughtful. Carver had said very little publically on the attack, but perhaps Amped would be more forthcoming. Sean certainly didn't want to talk to that talon-toting psycho, but her "brother" seemed to be a nice person.

"Actually, Amped," Sean says, tossing his blue teammate a crooked smile, "I brought him up, so we can drop it if it will make you feel better."

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Jager looks from Sandcaster to Amped,

"I'll do my best Amped."

"Sandcaster, E had a little press conference that maybe you should review at your earliest convienance."

"Amped, the point all this generated from was the importance of what we say in public to the media and how the rest of us have to deal with it. We've never actually discussed the matter before, letting each member carry their own tune, but in was inevitable that eventually a conflict of sorts would arise."

"Now, I'm not suggesting we go lock-step on matters close to our hearts, but we should consider how what we say to the world at large will impact other members of our family and the Knights organization as a whole."

"As an example, I don't agree with some of what Sandcaster said at Sean's introduction, but its not something I can't live with. I don't see the Teragen as a counter to Project Utopia. I see the Teragen as a philosopy/movement with both pros and cons, while Project Utopia is more of an Umbrella corporation pushing a social and political agenda for the world ... again, some good and some bad."

"I would like to think the Knights are big enough and strong enough to embrace the diversity that encompasses the nova community at large ... such as having an Utopian and Terat member, as long as we don't give the impression we, as Knights, are pushing one idea or the other. I would like to see us being an independent alternative ... a nova society living alongside and with baseline society in a peaceful and symbiotic relationship."

Jager scans the room to see how his little speech is recieved.

"That's were I'm coming from, anyway."

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"Jager, there's a reason that I let our Public Relations director handle the majority of the tough questions at Sean's introduction. I'm a little curious as to just what it was that I said that rubbed you wrong.

"That aside, we do have to coordinate our public addresses - again, that's the reason that we have a Public Relations department. And yes, I caught Endeavor's impromptu conference, and yes, it's something I had meant to bring up with her on a one-to-one basis. And by the way, I'm still rather in the dark as to why you called us all down here in the first place, Sakuraku, so would you mind filling us in?"

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"Well... other than the shots coming into my broadsides at all angles, I wanted to be briefed on what issues are currently on the table for the WCK. I haven't been fully briefed yet, so I need information.

As for Wakinyan, this will pan out. He has to prove himself, not I to do it for him."

She sits back in her chair.

"Jager, that Is why I've finally decided to work with the WCK. If Novakind and Humankind can share, even at times an uneasy peace, that is better than the alternative."

She turns to Cade.

"As for Teamwork, I am perfectly fine with that. We just have one more person to show... He's in the foyer, and is coming to the bardroom as we speak."

She smiles.

"Cyberkinesis, a wonderful thing."

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DigiGeist opens te doors to the meeting room.

"I think I'm late, or just too slow for my own good lately. Sorry everyone, but I thought I'd bring some munchies for all here."

He puts a couple bags of nicely packaged chili dogs and chips on the table.

"I'm sorry for my tardiness to this meeting. I'm not used to being summoned, Sakurako."

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"Ah, sit down. I won't demerit your grade for tardiness today." She says with a smirk.

"Oh, there is one more thing... I thought I'd tell everyone first. When I'm in Vegas for a few days, there will be a bit of a...shock. It might explain my recent defensiveness regarding the situation with Wakinyan."

She frowns as she gets up, and heads to the pile of her favorite Chicago dish.

"I don't know how to say this..."

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"Don't know how to say what?" The booming baritone brought half-audible groans from at least half of those gathered; for good or for ill, The Crusader had found the meeting.

"Sorry I'm late. I was trying to check my electronic mail. Crafty machine of computerized conundrums, you win this round...." He trailed off; while his hulking physique was in the room, his mind - or what passed for such - was all-too obviously in a much, much simpler world of his own creation.

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Sakurako looks at Sam... The Crusader, and realizes she might be in for trouble... but then again, with Jager here...

"I've gone over in my head how to approach this. I doubted the blunt approach would be wise. So I think I should explain the background a bit."

"You see, when I and a certain Nova named Ronin were a couple, I had ignored a person I had truely grown attached to. I kept it secret. Off of the OpNet or anywhere. It was between I and him. There was a time though, when he had been out of control. When he regained himself, I was the first he came to. The first person on his mind to bring him around."

She clears her throat after heading back to her seat.

"When I went through my... changes, I needed someone who was also dealing with their transformation. He had made some mistakes but was looking to start off on a new foot. To be honest, I've seen the civilized, logical, spiritual being underneath the feathers and fur."

"I don't know how you guys will recieve it, but after the party the world will most likely know... Wakinian and I plan to Marry. Within the month."

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Samhra arrives on the heels of Endeavour's statement, skidding to a stop in utter shock and giving a strangled cry of pain as her bad knee twists.

She grabs the doorpost, skin pale as new parchment, and takes several deep breaths until colour returns to her face.

"While I consider Wakinyan a good friend, and am the last person to urge you not to seek out a life-partner, are you sure you're willing to deal with the fact that he is territorial, possessive and already married?" the winged nova asks with remarkable calm for a woman who just hurt herself and discovered a friend was doing something that might be moderately insane.

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Cade shakes his head. "Love is truly blind." Cade's inner thoughts are much darker. Just fucking great. Did she even think this through? Does she have the first clue about how this can hurt the Knight's credibility? As smart as she supposedly is this must not include the means to navigating things socially. The backlash from her announcement will be horrendous. I joined the Knights just in time to have a front-row seat to watch the shit hit the fan.

His face betrays no emotion, it is a impassible mask void of emotion.

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Amped listens to her words and can barely contain himself as he stands calmly, his head facing the table but his eyes looking upwards towards Endeavor. "What...the...fuck? Hate me for my words, but have you even thought this thru in the least bit? Why bother joining this association? We're here to help Chicago and you go and so closely align yourself with enemy number 1 to almost everybody in this city? Aren't you suppose to be some sort of brainiac super genious? I've seen fish make more intelligent decisions when they jump right into the boat. I'm not standing around to listen to this anymore. That...thing is a instinct driven, hormonally imbalanced psychopath and you've just lost any credibility you had with me." Amped turns around and starts to walk out.

"This isn't team business, I'm leaving, I'll be in my room checking in on my parents if anybody else needs me for something Knight's related." Amped vanishes out of the room, in a burst of speed unknown to him before, his exit not even perceivable to anyone but those with the keenest senses.

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At Samhra's gasp, Sean hops to his feet and takes the golden-skinned nova's arm. Regret roars through him; Samhra hears a baby's cry as warmth flows down her body to the hurt knee. The pain flees before the warmth, and the Terat steers her to the nearest empty seat. He stands near her chair as he watches the immediate responses of his teammates.

Like Cade, his face is impassive, if a bit thoughtful as well. He says nothing as Cade speaks, and as Amped leaves. Finally, he says, "Congratulations, Endeavor. I hope this brings you joy." Despite trying for neutrality, his tone clearly says that he doubts that is possible.

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"It doesn't, at least not legally." Sandcaster's voice was carefully neutral, but those who knew her well could detect the slightest undercurrent of disapproval in her tone.

"Endeavor, I would have preferred to speak with you about this in private, but you've made it - and a number of other things - very much public, so I'll say what I need to say here and now.

"I've already run into this particular issue regarding Wakinyan before, and I'm going to tell you the same thing I said then. Polygamy is not legal in any jurisdiction in the United States. Wakinyan is, from what I have gathered, already married, and that is going to present you with a host of legal issues. If you enter into an illegal union with Wakinyan or anybody else, it is going to bring discredit on the Windy City Knights, and to be blunt we simply cannot afford any more discredit to this organization."

Carefully picking her next words, the Knights' team leader simply said, "I trust that you will understand the potential repercussions of your actions, Sakurako. What you do is your decision, but I will respond according to the best interests of the Knights.

"Now if you will excuse me, I have some business to attend to." And a bottle of Alka-Seltzer to swallow, she silently added as she turned and left the room, heading for the Public Relations department to see what - if anything - could be done to mitigate the coming nightmare.

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Sakurako's thought process stops in it's tracks. Almost like a machine about to blue screen.

"Well... If it's being put like that, then I have a feeling my dealings with the WCK may be nearing an end, now if you'll excuse me I have to make sure some of my things arrived in Vegas."

With a moment, she dissapears into a wireless port. Not to Vegas, but to Tokyo. To think.

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Jager leans forward and rubs a finger against his brow.

"And that ends the philisophical portion of our program," he quips.

Looking around, he gives the assembled a wane smile.

"Well, we still have jobs to do. Let's don't let this episode get us down and remember ... we are stronger working together than at cross-purposes. Let's keep talking to one another. In the end, the Knights are only as good as we let ourselves become."

Standing up, Jager wraps himself in the dubious authority of senior member.

"TC, you have that float assembly we wanted checked out. Make sure nothing gets blown away, no one gets hurt, and nothing gets stolen."

"Digi, you're back on the Docks. Something wonki has been going on out there and SC wants to know what. We've been losing cameras to an abnormal failure rate. Stay frosty."

"Cade, you've got the dinner with the Cook County Sheriff's department about security at the upcoming racketeering case."

"Amped's still Injured Reserve. SW is suspended."

Jager looks over to Sean,

"You have patrol in less than an hour. Let's go over the patrol route you've chosen for tonight, Turbo."

And barely lets a crook of a smile come to his face as he says it.

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Samhra watches Endeavour leave with a sigh.

"Endeavour's one of my closest friends, but Lord and Lady help me, she's borrowing trouble by getting involved with Wakinyan," she observes softly.

"If you'll excuse me, I should help out Anne. I've got some experience with publicity excrement hitting the media fans."

With those words, she leaves the room, stepping through the nearest text to SC's location.

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Cade watches Endeavor's exit and frowns. "Well that certainly wasn't pleasant."

He turns to Jager and smiles. "I'll be there Jager. I'll do what I can to show them that we're committed to helping them defend the city, and themselves. After that I'll see if I can help prepare for the backlash this situation is likely to cause."

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Digi looks at his pile of grub still untouched on the table, then points at it. "Then that is my stakeout supply, don't touch it."

He looks over to Jager. "You know, perhaps you guys should at the very least trust Endeavor's judgement. She's the most intelligent of all of us. I mean, yeah, she's more emotional than even I, but come on... She has no family to approve this. We're all she's got, dig?"

He grabs a dog and starts muching on it. "Besides. I'm getting some nice toys about having her on the team. But I aside... she might need some support on the matter. Something tells me something might go wrong, and not between her and the bird."

He smirks.

"Not that I'm sure about it, count it as my paranoid nature, but you get the gist, right?"

He grabs the rest of his "lunch" and starts walking out. "Seesh, always the docks... You'd swear we were hunting the Lake Michigan Devil or sonething..."

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"I recall DigiGeist, your statement of intent to Wakinyan on Two Minutes of Hate. If you're regretting your statements from then perhaps you should have thought about them a bit more before you went and threatened him on the Opnet. Just as Endeavor should think long and hard about this announcement."

Cade's tone isn't combative, just stating the facts.

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Sean starts to leave for patrol, but stops at Digigeist's words. He is silent as Cade talks, but he speaks before Digigeist leaves.

His response catches the fey man on his way to the door. "I'll trust Endeavor's judgement when I see trustworthy decisions coming from her," Sean says, his voice low and intense. "I've been watching her and her... antics since before I joined the Knights. I have yet to see any of this so-called intelligence that everyone credits her with. Since she's joined this organization, all she's done is embarrass them - us, now. I'm sick of it.

"I wasn't kidding when I said that her actions hurt us," Sean says, his voice trembling on the edge of sparking into a burning heat. "I'm aware that my very presence hurts the Knights, yet I'm trying to mitigate that by keeping my smart-ass comments to myself.

"But Endeavor isn't doing that. She's damaging the Knights every time she opens her mouth. This isn't about marrying Wakinyan, not really. This is about her making stupid, outrageous choices. This is about her making statements without clearing it with the PR department or Sandcaster. This is about me, the fucking Terat, cringing every time she opens her mouth!" The last sentence is shouted, and the handsome Terat's face is screwed up in anger.

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"Sean, enough for now, okay? The past is the past when you become a Knight."

"Digi, that's nice of you to say, but a Knight publically breaking a law ... even a moral one, hurts us all. I'm not saying we can't deal, only that one Knight's troubles is all of our troubles. Maybe E can come around to think of it in that way and thinking of as more of a family for her. She has been alone socially for quite some time."

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Sandcaster had gone halfway to the PR office before the ten-penny nail being driven through her gut informed her that a brief stopover in her office was in order. She was holding her head in one hand and a glass full of fizzing water in the other, waiting for the Alka-Seltzer to finish desolving in a promise of some tiny measure of relief, when the nameplate on her desk shuddered a touch...and then produced a golden-winged nova in a most improbable display.

The gnawing pain in her stomach gave a sudden, sharp surge. Downing the still-bubbling concoction in a largely futile effort to quell what was likely to become one hell of an ulcer, Sandcaster watch the completion of Samhra's materialization with a mixture of fascination and an exhaustion-fueled sort of numbness. "Please, come in Samhra," she said with a sigh; the feeble attempt at indignant sarcasm fell flat, turning into a sort of resigned acceptance that - since nothing had gone right up until this point - it was foolish to expect much in the way of normality now.

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Samhra calmly slides off the desk, smiling sympathetically at Sandcaster. "My apologies for just barging in, but I thought I might offer my experience as an ex-T2M'er to try and defuse this thing. Lord and Lady knows that I'm used to dealing with controversy, and while I love Endeavour and Wakinyan like they're family, we're going to have to fix this somehow."

The winged nova cants her head. "Want some herbal tea? It might soothe you a bit."

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Sighing again, Sandcaster shook her head. "I just downed some Alka-Seltzer; I'd probably better give it some time before pouring anything else in on top of it." She rubbed her eyes; despite the abrasive nature of her fingers, it still helped her push back the weariness for a little longer.

"I honestly don't think that this is going to work out with Sakurako. Between her inappropriate off-the-cuff press conferences and this business with Wakinyan, she just...I don't know." She sighed yet again, sagging back in her chair. "It's like she has the mind of Einstein but with no common sense at all. And no matter how we try to spin it for the press, it's something that is just going to keep hitting us over and over, because I don't think it is something that she can change."

Sandcaster picked up a pen and fiddled with it absently. "At least with The Crusader, I can point him in a direction more or less away from much in the way of public exposure...and because he's known as an idiot, the public gives him a lot of leeway on those occasions when he does wind up in front of the cameras. But Endeavor isn't someone that can be steered; she charts her own courses, and deals with what problems wind up in her wake afterward. Mind you, she comes up with brilliant solutions to said problems, but they wouldn't exist in the first place if she would just think her actions through."

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Sakurako starts tapping a pen stylus in her office at home.

"Dammit... What the hell have I gotten into. I thought this was between me, Waki, and TW... Why the hell..." Sakurako lashes out, embedding the stylus into a screen, it sparks as it is broke.

She starts to pace around. "The minute I get involved with something it's like everyone is riding my ass. I don't even have a life anymore! Well... screw them. This was a bad idea anyways."

She presses a button, and sends off a resignation notice to the WCK. The one she wrote with her own handwriting with the stylus now embedded into what was a monitor.

"People were saying this was a bad move with me joining anyways. They can have their little club."

She then erases her security clearances after handing them off to Sandcaster via a communications line, then blocks off all OpIp addresses linked to the WCK.

"Now... do I go through with Waki or not..."

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A soft beeping turned Sandcaster's head to her terminal. A new message had come in via a secure channel with an empty header; only a few people she knew were capable of that particular trick.

Opening it, Sandcaster read the message, then sighed in mixed relief and frustration as she routed it to a printer for what was going to wind up being a rather thin permanent file.

"Well, the matter seems to have just been resolved, Regan; Endeavor just submitted her resignation."

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