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Aberrant: Nova Reality - OOC: An interesting proposal


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I just got a message from Vixen with an interesting offer:

One of my powers revolves around broadband telepathic illusions - I can put several people in a sort of shared virtuality under my control. I'm good with this power - Jager's felt its effects during my one trip to the Amp Room, so ask him how good I was back then - and not too long ago Team Tomorrow wanted to recruit me for puttings its members through certain training scenarios. I said no at the time because I wanted to get back into research after too long an absense, but the idea's stuck with me.

If you want I can go down to Chicago and make you the same offer. I'm sure that between you and Jager, we could come up with training scenarios for everyone that'll help the WCK with teamwork, playing to each other's strengths, and how to deal with changes in the field. I wouldn't be able to do it full time - I love Seattle too much, even if it does rain 14 months of the year - but I could spare six weeks from work as long as I could bring my beau along.

I think it's a great idea for a group story. What does everyone else think. Vixen, you're welcome to post here as well.

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Obviously I'm biased, but I think it'd be cool. It gets Roxanne out of her comfort zone and meeting people she normally never crosses paths with, and it lets the team guage each other's strengths more clearly and gets them used to the many ways nova combat can go wrong (Vixen will hit up the more experienced members of the group for scenarios that will probably give her sleepless nights.)

On the subject of the content, I figure most of them would be somewhat routine, yet things you can't really practice - like a raging fire or a collapsed building. We'd probably only do a blow-by-blow posting for the aforementioned worst-case scenarios, in which case I'd rather not get TOO bogged down in how many dice are in your q-bolt, for example.

Again, i think it could be fun - and I hope folks agree.

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