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Aberrant: Nova Reality - Letter of Resignation


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"Julian." His larger terminal turned on and text flashed across it.

Input Command___|

"Begin Dictation." The terminal chimed letting Bandwidth know it was ready.

Date: October 21, 2005

To: The City of Chicago, the Windy City Knights, and all investors involved.

I hereby tender my resignation from the firm effective immediately.

At that time I shall deliver all property of the firm in my possession.



J.C. Thomas

"End Dictation and Send." The letter immediately went to the inboxes of everybody they needed to.

Bandwidth had decided this life wasn't for him. There was too much excitement and he wasn't truly useful here. He left everything that was the property of the Knights, including Julian, the dumbed down artificial intelligence program that was capable of doing any of the tasks he did here, just not quite as quickly.

He also left a manual for everything he had designed, all the programs he wrote, all the security systems he helped design. He was not leaving the Knights unprepared.

He walked to his terminal screen and stood before it.

"Julian, lights off please." The same chime as before sounded and the lights shutoff. Bandwidth stepped into his terminal screen, traveled through the OpNet and stepped out at his apartment in Chicago. It was still bare as always, and for the first time in months, he decided to sleep in an actual bed instead of a cot in his lab.

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