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[OpNet] Hakunah Matata (Or Something Like That)


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No needles, no drugs, no reports, no Pax.

I think I'm in heaven, people, or a good approximation of it. I haven't been so relaxed and happy since... Shit, since before eruption. Years before, I think.

Maybe all I needed to do is leave Project Utopia.

Still, life is not all perfect. I will have to eventually find work if I want to eat. But I have cleared the detritius of my past life and hope to begin anew.

Just letting those who care know. smile

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The benefits of being independently wealthy... I am sure many of us would be more than happy to help you out.

And it is good to take time off after such a big change. Sometimes it helps put things into perspective, other times it is an excellent way to recharge.

Regardless, I am glad the change is working out well.

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