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[OpNet] At The Edge Of The Cliff...


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Well, I've come to the conclusion that drugs are not the answer to my little problem. It seems that my level of permanent backlash has risen to the point where my emotions have become dangerously unstable, especially for the baselines around me.

In short, I think my career at Utopia is screwed. Sooner or later, I'm going to go over the edge, and I'm scared to find out what's at the bottom.

I have no regrets about what I did at the Pow-Wow. If I hadn't intervened, Totem might have been lost forever. But I can't do this a third time, because if I do, I know I will be the one who will be lost.

I guess I'm at the edge of the cliff, and I don't know if my new wings will be able to carry me...

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<font size="6">Jeee-ZUS!</font>

And here I thought it was going to be furry little GMC that got his ass kaked first from our little monkey pep squad. You've got about a hundred times the brain power of the resident parkeet, Innocence. He's got an explanation for being a dipshit and a loser if not an excuse. You don't.

So now the question is, since the downside of getting drugged out of your fucking gourd isn't palatable anymore, are you going to quit jerking around and deal with the real problem? Instead of whinging about what a fuck up you were when you thought you were a zip? I told you once to keep gliding through your life but it looks like you've just about run out of airspace.

Frankie sez:

Do not worry; you are not alone.

In other words; Frankie says relax. Shit, never knew you could carry a tune. We're all alone sometimes. Codex more than most.

So this is the best you can do? Tell me again. What was your job description?

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