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[OpNet] Me and My Big Mouth


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Suspension without pay for two weeks!

That's the punishment for admitting on the OpNet I read adult fiction and saying I'd like a side of fresh-cooked Charr with butter and tartare sauce.

Okay, threatening to eat a fellow sentient being is a little much, but Jesus, who doesn't read OpNet adult fiction these days? It isn't as if I get laid regularly!

I might write an article on nova sexuality to pass the time. My new perspective may prove to be useful.

So, what do you lot think, and do you have any ideas?

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I'll volunteer for research! Pick me! Pick me!

Gonna have to do some homework on this one though, Innocence. Four limbs and laying there isn't going to cut it. laugh

I didn't think it was so terrible that you offered to eat me. I mean come on, its not like I wasn't going to enjoy it. You need to find something else to do with your time that doesn't require contact with chattering parochial monkeys.

Innocence walking on the wild side. Shit, this really is a sign of the apcolypse.

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James 'Prodigy' Meehan:
Codex, you'd be suprise how upset the PR department was when they found out I'd penned a few novels of...well...erotic fiction actually seems a little generous.
That explains some of the edicts I've seen floating around.

Personally I make it a point to be in Troll form whenever I have to deal with those people. I've noticed the interviews go quicker.

My only advice is to get a good pen name. It's what I do.
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