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[OpNet] 12-5-2015: (PUB) Finally moved in...

Sakurako Hino

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How is everyone?

I have just moved into my new residence, and while I love being on dry land... it feels weird not to feel the slight sway of the ocean at times.

But I digress. For the first time than I can remember things are going quite well. I am settled, employed (running your own company counts, does it?), and financially stable.

Not to mention for Tokyo, this part of it is rather quiet. Jinbocho is mostly small residences, small businesses, and the occasional restaurant. No night clubs, and generally a mix of blue collar/white collar workers here.

Perfect place to set up shop. The company's HQ is only a few blocks away in a new office park built with a few shrewd business maneuvers and several partnerships. You'd be suprised what Viasoft would give to get a proper foothold in Japan. Since Sony, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Kurotech are the luminaries here, American companies would kill to get a piece of my Nova-revitalized country's economy.

Quite frankly, being in the right place at the right time is rather nice. With all my contracts lining up and able to be completed in the allotted time before the first of January... Things are looking up.

Outside of that, my life feels less lonely. I'm opening up to people and getting to know folk outside my station. Living in a cosmopolitan section of a generally homogeneous city is rather refreshing.

That, and there's something to be said for taking out your recycling and reclaimation every morning.

One annoyance though. Even if I do live in a multi-story building that used to serve as an office/bank combination, you still really don't have room.

I guess trying to pack everything thats a personal belonging from a 690 meter long sea-going vessel into a building only 6 stories tall is quite a feat in of itself.

Outside of that... *laugh* suprisingly nothing to report!

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