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Aberrant RPG - Other Mega-Attribute Books


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I saw the N!Prime designed Brain Waves and what can i say, love the format that you placed it in. With Aberrant d20 in a stillborn mode, I am going assume that WW will not put out any other book on Mega Attributes including the formally anticapated Cult of Personality.

I think in order to keep the game alive some one should start looking into creating other supplements. Not as a challenge to the copyright but to keep the game alive

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Meanwhile, I decided to have a bit of fun with Brainwaves.

I reformatted the whole bloody thing with the correct fonts for Aberrant, set the page size for JIS B5 paper (the 7.1" x 10.1" format used in the Aberrant books, which I had to cut to size by hand as it isn't available for sale that I could find), did up a cover (which I had printed and laminated at Kinkos), then hand-bound the thing at home (using DAP Weldwood contact cement, spring clamps, and a couple of boards).

All in all, it came out...well, take a look -- and please forgive the fact that I'm apparently unable to hold a camera steady to save my backside:



Really blurry shot of spine

The SKU was a guestimate (based on the existing SKUs for the Aberrant line), but the ISBN and projected price were found on the 'Net (from back when this thing was still expected to be released).

I plan on doing the same thing with Forceful Personalities when it's finished. It should be a bit easier, as it will have a thicker --and thus easier to correctly crease -- spine (more than twice as thick, given the current pagecount).

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