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[OpNet] 4-8-2015: (PUB) Decisions to be made.

Sakurako Hino

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I had talked with someone in Denver about taking up a position to work with them. I'm going to recieve some quite... generous perks if I join up, but I do have several offers in different countries as well. Each looking just as good.

In particular a job in the UK... It's interesting, switching from a Empire to a Monarchy.

I'm glad I haven't made the last step of actually signing with the Denver firm.

I can not reveal any details on ANY contract. NDA's seem to be running rampant in the industries I'm interested in.

You guys think I should just freelance, or what?

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Or, more elaborately, you can go corporate/government/whatever, but you'll be attaching your talent to a larger organization with larger intentions than insuring your creative freedom (whatever they claim). This might be a greater or lesser problem for you, but as soon as your interests turn to concepts without markets, even the most liberal employer is going to start getting antsy.

If you need money, seriously consider other angles. Once you get a good chunk of coin from selling copyrights or what have you, it'll grow if you tend it properly. Attaching yourself to some organization isn't worth a bit of the filthy lucre.

Also, if you're thinking on contracting with baseline organizations, you might want to think long-term - the girl who said 'rights are for monkeys' probably might find herself having some trouble there down the line, after she's thought about things for a bit.

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I was pissed when I said that. Everyone and their bloody grandmother knows that I am no threat. What I invent is for the common good, yet people think I'm some sort of damned Dr. Frankenstein. Seriously. Humankind needs to realize their small world just inflated big time. If they're to survive they must learn to adapt to us like they have adapted to this world. Instead they cower in fear every time I sneeze. And arm their nukes whenever I show them a cleaning bot.

Look, I just want to make life better. Is that so bloody wrong? I'm the type that tilts at windmills, attaches herself to probably forelorn causes, and generally makes herself a damned martyr. Hell if there's anything I can be mistaken for it's a Utopian. Always sticking my nose where it don't belong.

Everyone knows around the OpNet now taht I'm a goody-two-shoes who thinks her shit don't stink...

People just gotta realize I do things differently.

Sorry about getting off on a rant there. I did take your advice. But right now I'm just... frustrated.

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Not what I meant. You were pissed when you said it, but it was still the phrase that came to mind, yes? I doubt that you're fixing on going on some spree of anti-human vigilantism, but the fact remains that you have some tension developing. If your philosophies are leaning this direction, consider that you may feel even more constrained by humans in the future before signing a creative contract with them (it's just good sense).

And read Gernsback. Even though he was only human. (c;

Humans fear you because they know that 'their small world just inflated big time.' They look at you and they see someone who could quite seriously kill them all. The fact that your desires are diametrically opposed to this means little to them, which is fair - you, me, and those like us are just too potentially dangerous for them to be comfortable with in an unvarnished state.

Thus the push for super intelligent novas to attach themselves to baseline organizations, and the discomfort that humans have with novas that divorce themselves from human connections. You can make them decide you're tame, but it often involves sacrificing some of your personal freedom in order to suit human comfort zones.

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Alex, it took me YEARS to shake my fear of drowning. The effort made me a better person.

But let me give you an analogy regarding your statement.

My adapting to their needs would be like having a child constantly wearing flotation devices even at a wading pool, and never teaching them how to swim. What happens when that grown child is forced to abandon ship and has no time to take proper precautions? The person panics, then drowns.

If I allow myself to assuade their fears with their rules and needs, they will never be ready for what comes when someone who isn't bound by their rules comes and knocks their ivory towers down.

I do care about Humanity, Alex, I worry about their fate. It's just when they act in such naive manners that risks their own demise.

I can defend them, Alex. I can protect them. But they need to let me do my JOB.

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Well, you see, that's the problem. The psychologist I talk to from time to time tells me that I have a "Misplaced Maternal Instinct". Now, I'm not exactly sure why she thinks that, but it is sorta true. I seem better at protecting than fighting.

Perhaps that's the direction I gotta go in.

Now that I think I'll be rejecting the contract that was originally given to me, I have a new option in the States I'm going to explore.

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