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[OpNet] 1-28-2005: Public - No Title

Sakurako Hino

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Well, There is something to be said about thinking about one's life to put things into perspective. The sort of thoughts that come at the point of crisis. Where you're not sure you will make it to the next sunrise.

It is interesting, that DeathSquad has created a moment of contemplation, and strangely enough, peace. Perhaps, indeed, I have already conquered him. For his first weapon; fear, no longer grips me. Perhaps I have reached the state of mind that the Samurai of the past, my ancestors, attained before entering the battlefield. Not worrying about the details, but coming in ready to adapt to what the fog of war revealed.

I no longer take a veiw of fatalism and aggressive pursuit with him and my situation. I will be at peace. I will not allow him to get what he wants. If he wishes to come to me, so be it.

Either he kills me, or I ensure that those who have died at his hand see that justice will be served.

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