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[OpNet] 11-15-2014: (PUB) No title required.

Sakurako Hino

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It's rare that I let my pride out and stretch it's legs. But, today's one of those days.

I rock the boxors.

Construction on my new home/research lab/port is going along swimmingly. (Eww, bad pun)

So far, the main residence is being built, as well as a public science museum/education center dedicated to space exploration. My main home itself is a small, fabricated dome, as well as the museum. My research lab will be made up of several geodesic domes, and I'll have a couple of portable inflatable domes for storage. Finally, a central dome will be the port for my ship, as well as a shelter for my private jet and it's runway.

My robots are working overtime, and are pleased to report (if a robot could be pleased) that the current level of completion is 40%. I should be able to move into my residence in December, with the Museum and Port complete in February. I figure with the revenues I'll pull in through projects and work with Daedalus, I should be able to cover costs easily.

And yes, I would thank in all earnesty the Daedalus people for getting me new work. I am a Ronin no more.

And I would also like to thank the Japanese people. This Love-Hate relationship I have with the culture is still there, but so far where it counts I'd like to thank their kindness and healthy enthusiasm. Although, I'd humbly request that instead of leaving little trinkets and flowers for me to warm my homecoming, that you would please donate the funds you'd spend on such trivialities to a charity. It'd be put to better use.

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Congrats on the new place.

In light of the Queen Mary-esque nature of your ship, I have to ask this. When you say the dome that's your "home" is small; what exactly does that translate to? Are talking small like two rooms and one bath or only accomodating the US Senate and staff but they have to share the whirlpool on every floor?

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It's large enough. It's roughly 3 stories, and about 150 meters long. My... new home that is. There's a few guest rooms of generous size, my common dining area that is quite large, my average sized bathroom, and a bedroom for myself that is spartan, but good sized. And an olympic-size swimming pool.

The research labs are the largest. 400 meters in diameter, and 6 floors tall.

The docking dome is around 6 stories as well, and actually envelops my residence and research domes partially.

I'll have to post a map soon.

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