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[OpNet] 10-28-2014: (PUB) - No Title...

Sakurako Hino

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Mood: Dissapointed

Music: Moonlight Sonata


You know, it's been over four months or so since I've really started posting in this little corner of the opnet.

Quite frankly, though, I wish I had this long before that. A lot has changed for me since I have first come here. A lo of it good, a little bad.

It's not really those that are gone now that I don't miss as much as those that are still around but lack contact with me in any manner.

I didn't want to bring this up in the general forums, but I have been released from my TKI contract. I can see why. I have not been able to get any new material to TeknoKat herself. I don't know what I've said, or who I said it to, but all in all, I'm a ronin again.

Oh well, at least SEVERAL different companies are asking for my assistance. Although I'd rather be independent, being a wandering eccentric isn't going to pay the bills.

Again, I didn't bring this up to the general forums because, well, I didn't want anyone to worry or give advice. This is more of news than anything else.

That and, I do curse my negligence with my duties.


In any case, I'm still Sakurako "Endeavor" Hino. Thank god.

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Oh, I'm not dissapointed, don't get me wrong guys. I'm just... sad that my business relationship came to such an abrupt end.

I can set up shop with some new corporation easily.

It's just that things just have changed so much since I've started on this road of being a Nova.

Let's just say it's been quite a long road. Even a girl like me is feeling older than she truely is.

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That's true. I did limit my scope of skill by chaining myself to the corporate machine.

Not to insult my former employer, but things were rather low-balled.

I'm sorta glad I'm out, but sort of dissapointed I couldn't do greater things with the time my contract was valid.

In case anyone was wondering, I had gotten some new info. It seems my contract wasn't terminated, but allowed to expire. It seems we were asleep on both ends on the matter.

But meh. Time to move on. I think I will work independently. On my terms, on my schedule. Best way to do things.

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Glad to hear it but... I don't think great things are something you do. You do what you do and later somebody else comes along and say;


That kind of makes it worthwhile. Its not the reason you did it in the first place but its cool to be appreciated.

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