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[OpNet] 10-1-2014: (PUB) I think I just found a new favorite color.

Sakurako Hino

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Mood: Anxious

Music: Rain storms and crashing waves...

New Favorite Color: Rain Slicker Canary Yellow.

Or perhaps the international orange of the life vest I'm wearing...


Well, while not paying attention to web feeds, a borderline Cat-1 Typhoon decided to pay a visit. I'm right now back on the surface, getting rocked by waves right now to send you this little transmission.

I'll be diving the ship again to keep from getting smashed or something.

God I hate getting blind-sided by nature...

See ya in a couple days. >_<

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Addendum: 10-02-2014

Phew. Bit of an update here.

Well, the water's calmer where I finally parked myself, and all I got is a bit of a rain. Against the hopes of some of my dear friends that I'd wash overboard or get marooned, that's further from what has happened.

I'm fine, I think my cat's fur has turned grey from stress, and my ship has weathered it's first real storm.

Well, for the length of time it traveled under it.

I guess having a submersible is sorta... cheating. Although the currents are still a bitch.

Well, talk to you guys later.

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