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[OpNet] (PUB) 9-8-2014: My pottymouth needs cleaning.

Sakurako Hino

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Mood: Apologetic

Yes, I apologise for my recent lapse of protocol and cussing my innards out yesterday. One of my friends is having a HARD time right now and I, well, think it bites.

The people she trusted betrayed her in her time of need. So, she cut relations with them, then they said she can't talk about it.


I know, some people will tell me not to worry about it, or even worse get my nose out of her business.

But, I care for her. I don't know if it's the fact that no matter what I protect my friends, or some misplaced maternal instinct.

All I know is, I give a damn what happens to my friends and I'll be there when needed.

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Codex, did you have any doubt?

I know rhetorical question.

Look, making friends doesn't come easy for me. You're one of the few non-romantic friends I have. And speaking for my love life, there is only one star in my sky.

But that is neither here nor there. Anyone who is my friend can call on me if there is something that they need help on.

Jager, you, Neil, ronin, Interceptor, Prodigy, I actually care about them to the point of being there when needed.

Hell, my doors are open. As long as you don't mind the gentle sway of a ship's deck.

Perhaps what you need is some time away from the world, Codex. A vacation. To find your center.

Actually, there are a couple Shinto temples that give advice and spiritual counsel to Novas. They've barred the public from their grounds too. You'd be surprised how their beliefs in nature mesh with Wicca.

Of course, that's just an offer.

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Heh. There'll be no complaints here. ^_^

Keep an eye out for a package. I sent you a plushie that's selling like hotcakes here in Tokyo.

Not only is a cute plushie of myself, it has soft circuitry that serves as a data-storage device and a day-reminder. Just record something that you need to remind yourself later on.

I heard you talking about those insipid Charr plushies you love to tear, so I thought I'd send you the antipode to his "Cuthulu" ness.


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I actually try to avoid Tokyo and the crazyness unless I need to sneak around the Akihabara and find some new tech toys to play around with.

Something odd... You know that Radio Shack has stores in Tokyo? I actually never knew.

But that's neither here nor there.

I'd bet the two of us scouring a bookstore in Tokyo would be quite a thing to see for the Humans.

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It makes the zip world go 'round and if you really put a little brain power into that thought you'd have figure out what's was up with Codex a little sooner than the next millennium.

Not into little girls today honeybunch but thanks for demonstrating your flexible tiny tongue action for me. I'll try to keep you on the list.

I'm actually vermillion. That shitty camera footage is taken at night and you're assuming again.


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Whatever Guido. Next time when I want to hear about your Italian technique, err... wait, I'd never want to hear about it.

You tell me to put some thought into something, well you should try using your brain instead of your reproductive organs.

There's more neurons in the brain than in your balls. But I doubt it'd be much of an improvement switching CPUs for you. It'd be the same turtle frame running dual 8088s. Good for nothing.

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At a loss and resorting to Hokaido street zip so easily. My, my. Mommy did do a number on you didn't she. In fact, you have no idea how or where anything is situated and that bothers you, 'Captain'. You're intelligent enough to realize that and that I would know it as well. Truth wasn't the point of that little speech now was it.

We both know what this is about and you should learn to keep private things private. It will be returned in due time. Its not as if I stole something, is it?

Shhh... I'm not here for nova confessions. Your transgressions are so very small, it seems best you deal with them yourself.

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Forgive this complete edit, but I think I figured some of this out.

1: My view of this world is different than yours Charr. Deal with the fact not everyone thinks like you.

2: I will find out on my own how things are situated, Charr. Quite frankly what is in the past is in the past.

3: NEVER EVER bring up my Mother again. Especially in the tone you put it in.

Also, at the time of my remarks you were in Italy. You get around quite easily it seems. Also you're close to my neck of the woods. I'll be sure to keep my eyes open when I'm near any dark alleys.

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