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[OpNet] (PUB) 8-24-2014 - Oh brother...

Sakurako Hino

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Mood: Irritated

1: I have to remember a 84-EF cable is incompatible to an old CAT-5 line. I've been toying around with setting up an old-school internet style network in my home. Just to do it. Problem is one, I almost shocked myself trying to patch in the 84-EF line to the CAT-5 with a scrapped together and jury-rigged converter. Then, I got a bloody rash from the eufiber in the 84-EF. I'm still putting lotion on it. It itches!!! It BURNS!!!

2: Explain to me just how a genious like me always get myself in situations like this, where I just GOTTA hook up my vintage 2002 computer to the OpNet? They don't make PCI port cards for OpNet lines...

3: Forgive my caterwauling. It just gets my craw that a perfectly good computer gets tossed to the wayside.

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Mission successful. I now have a wireless OpNet to Intra-Net system. Compatible with practically any computer post 1998!!!

If you want to snatch some quality time on the sly war-driving (or in this case, war-sailing) Head to Tokyo Bay. Park your boat within 100 meters of my ship, and have yourselves a ball.

The Hikari Maru has too much displacement for the harbor, so I parked it near the mouth of the harbor practically where the ocean meets it. Outside of shipping lanes. (Bought the space and built the moorings myself! ^_^)

So, grab a boat or raft and row or motor on over.

Don't forget your floaties! ^_^

Addendum: If you want access to the network, you'll have to be in view from the bridge of the ship. That's where I moderate the network on a seperate server. Just wave from your boat or what not and get my attention. I'll let you on deck and I'll talk to you and give you your password. Every user gets a different password. Your username is the order of which you were brought on.

As for public safety, I will only grand 25 spots, and all users not on large boats or small yachts MUST be wearing proper flotation devices.

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Quite frankly, if conflict comes to you two, I will be sorry to see it happen.

While something in the back of my head hates him so, I would not want either of you to meet your end over a petty squabble.

Then again, if it comes between you two, I am also unable to stop you.

As for I, I would wish to avoid conflict as best as I can. Just out of the fact that I'd rather have violence as a last resort.

Don't be too quick to enter a fight.

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Often we learn to hate those whom we have reason to fear so it is should come as no surprise your feminine sensibilities do not shield you from the affect.

When monster clash it is the busines of monsters they attend to. Really, is there a point to preferring one or the other? It is their own business they are about regardless of the pleasantries they use to confound the mind and confuse the senses.

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