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[OpNet] (PUB) 7-27-2014: No Title...

Sakurako Hino

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Mood: Aggressive

Music: The wild...

I decided to make this post via wireless in a nearby forest near the fairgrounds. Why? I needed some privacy to burn off some aggression. There's some trash some heartless drunks left behind I can use for some target practice.

You see, I got a bit of a temper right now and I needed a place to vent it.

Sometimes the world of the OpNet irritates me. I thought with all the IDs and such, the anonomous nature of the old Internet was gone. That is no longer the case. Now we got everything from pretentious foulmouths to snake-oil pushers upping their agendas and schemes on everyone else. Just like the old days.

Back in the day, you could pretty much call out anyone on the Internet, at least from what I read on what happened before the OpNet was instituted. The beauty of it was, no one knew who you were.

Now, you can do the same thing, and pad your ego. Because everything you say is accredited to you. What's worse, is the difficulty of erasing old mistakes. Simply put anything you do marks your identity for life.

I've done alot to destroy my reputation in the past. Now that I'm trying to build a true name for myself, I get smacked back down by my own past.

But quite honestly I've given up on trying to be what everyone else wants me to be. I'm sick of it. Because no one yet has offered me anything to be that works.

Utopia, heh, all they had was propaganda and hype.

DeVries, that was freaking suicide.

TKI... Going nowhere. Havent even seen my boss in a year or so.

Quite frankly, this freaking sucks. Everything I do gets f-ed up in some way. Perhaps I should just face facts and give up even trying.

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Look Sakurako, we're not friends or anything and I don't claim to know you or anything, but from an oustiders point of view, this looks like you crying over Juri insulting you. I was under the impression that you were a big girl and wouldn't run off crying when someone said a few bad words to you.

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No, what I don't understand is her walking over territory already covered with me and the mudhole she's stopmed into my chest.

But, I'm not hiding, not now. I'm just focussing my defense with a counterattack. I'm sick and tired of being such a wuss when things get hot.

If I'm crying about anything, it's for being such a fool and thinking everyone's gonna play nice.

Machina and Juri are prime examples.

The expectation is for me to eventually slink away for a few weeks to let things blow over. Quite frankly the only way I see for the smack-taling to cease behind my back, I gotta stick up for myself.

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Thus working on a sore spot with me.

Now, I'm willing to offer a surprising proposition.

Call it an Olive branch, call it a truce, whatever.

Simply put, I can see I let my anger blind me slightly, so I'm willing to drop this, on the good faith you will back off me. Simply put, let's agree to disagree and come to an understanding to leave each other alone.

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