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[OpNet] (PUB) 7-26-2014: Curse my weakness...

Sakurako Hino

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I suppose if you monitor local news in the region in the US that I am in, that there was yet another tangle with CoMA. Again, their favorite target was Totem. Now, I'm not really an expert on psychology, most I know was gleaned from the few psychologists I have been around. All I have to say is those that tangle with my favorite mythical beast are putting their lives into their own hands. I don't know how Totem managed to restrain himself, perhaps it was his ancestors giving him stregnth, perhaps it was sheer force of will... I don't know. But that's not the case here.

I should have been there. Watching over him. I knew he was a target, and I could have diffused the situation even before the shot was fired. Someone was hurt ON MY WATCH. Instead of micromanaging some of the fairground workers in the intracies of dissasembling a cooling array, I should have meen making sure that the dome Totem was in was 100% secure.

I cannot help but feel negligent for not providing proper security. I honestly thought this was a safe and peaceful surrounding for a festival, and I was under the belief that the tribal authorities were enough.

It seems I was wrong.

Now, legally, I did provide adequate security, but tell that to my concience. Tell that to the wounded individual.

I'll have that man know his bills are covered. Rest well.

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They are out there Sakurako. They wait to strike when they can. You have had your own brushes with those who wish us harm of late.

I am actually relieved that all CoMa managed to do is send a distraught wife/mother to kill me. I really don't care what they try to pull on me but I am glad you and the Sheriff's department has done a top notch job of protecting the people who have come over the past month. Thank you.

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Well, while the thanks is quite nice, I don't know if my concience feels cleared yet. Or is it more of an Honor thing... I don't know, but there is just something about this that gnaws at me. There's no logic behind such hatred and behavior. Sending a woman out to be a martyr before your claws... it's... just plain wrong.

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