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[OpNet] (PUB) 7-23-2014: Contemplation...

Sakurako Hino

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You know, there are times when one reflects on the past. What they did when they were children and the dreams they had and how those dreams died.

I had one of those moments.

You see, back when I was barely into grade school, I'd say oh, roughly 2nd or 3rd grade, I used to dream of being of all things... and don't laugh... a stage magician.

I dreamed of doing feats and mysteries that would captivate and mystify everyone in the audience. I even started learning simple card tricks and what not to entertain my friends and family (all of my mother and father) at the time.

I'd put on an old top-hat I'd find at a second-hand store, a makeshift cape out of a blanket, and a wand I fashioned out of a long novelty pencil.

Needless to say, I was average for a kid. No stage presence, but plenty of dreams. I never really came up with a "stage name", and eventually I started slipping into books.

I don't know... I know I would be able to once again see if I had "the mojo", and with my technical skills I would be able to do freaking breathtaking illusions and stunts.

But I'm not sure if in this day and age, there would be a place for someone like that... Then again, if there is one thing dreams bring, it's hope.

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