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[OpNet] (PUB) 7-23-2014: Quiet serenity

Sakurako Hino

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Mood: Calm

Music: the wind

I haven't felt like this in years. This break in the action is quite... relaxing.

I'm sitting ontop the main dome at the fairgrounds, and looking out over the prarie and hills of the area. It's night time, and the stars are brilliant! So, I decided while sitting up here to rattle off a message. I'll be sort of sad to leave this place in a few days, and packing up is going to be hell. It seems to be getting hotter, and I know how bad this climate gets. Even with a cool-suit I'd be putting up effort.

Bloody hell, all these powers and I still feel the heat.

In any case... It's fun here, and I hope to do this again sometime. I might help get some new buildings for the tribe built here in the area, and perhaps get some new houses. I'd rather put my time, effort, and resources doing constructive things and not lounging around the HMII. It's just me. Not a selfish bone in my body.

meh. Shouldn't brag like that.

In any case, you gotta see the sights from here. I highly reccomend it if you're an ameteur astronomer.

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